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My Girlfriend’s Job Search Dilemma

My girlfriend recently moved down here from New Jersey and is in need of a job. A chemical and biomedical engineering is what’s on her resume but that makes her qualified for a whole bunch of engineering-type jobs that include process engineering and the like. Anyway, part of her search has put her in the databases of several head-hunting firms here in Baltimore so in addition to her own searches on Monster, Hotjobs, etc ad infinitum, there are temp agencies and head-hunters looking for her as well. This has yielded several interviews with local companies, one of which is some manufacturing firm in Baltimore that makes some widget for something. She was offered a contract engineering job with that company doing something that she wouldn’t be entirely thrilled about for pay that is fair for the work but perhaps a little under (not much) her fair market value. Should she take it?

They liked her so much that they offered her a job knowing it’s not her thing and told her she could continue to look for a job (at night). She picked up on the fact that they were hoping she’d start, really like it, and stay. She’d have to commit for at least a month and it would be a full time job. Now we begin to weigh the pro’s and the con’s (in my order of importance):

Pro: She is being paid and she gets health benefits.
Con: It’s not the work she truly wants to do. It’s not like she hates it, it’s an indifference.

Pro: She gets frequent interaction with people during the day.
Con: She has to commit to work there at least a month, preferably six; which means if a job dropped in her lap today, she wouldn’t be able to start that for another month. Plus, it’s a little irresponsible to only work somewhere for a month.

Pro: She gets used to the daily grind again, which isn’t critical since she only stopped working a few weeks ago.
Con: It may not be an entirely ideal work environment, as is the case with a lot of heavily male manufacturing facilities, there is probably a little (or a lot) sexism.

I don’t think this will be the only job she’s going to be offered and I think she shouldn’t accept it. The money isn’t important now, she can activate a COBRA if she needs it, and I don’t like the idea of locking yourself up for a month just for some extra cash. We talked about it and she had come to the same conclusion; anyone have thoughts on this?