My Impacted Wisdom Teeth

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So a few months ago I started feeling one of my wisdom teeth (upper right ) poking through the skin and I went to a dentist/oral surgeon to have them checked out. In the full-mouth x-ray I saw that my top two wisdom teeth were growing in fine (a little crooked) but that my lower two wisdom teeth are growing in completely sideways. Fast forward a few months and now my upper right wisdom teeth is almost entirely in (it feels weird!) but my other three are still under the skin – except now my jaw hurts.

The lower left side of my jaw started hurting, only a little as if I had bumped into something, and was sore but I didn’t really think much of it and figured it’d go away after I went to bed and woke up. Then, my upper left wisdom tooth area started to throb (the start of it coming in) and now the pain in my jaw is slightly more pronounced. I think I’ve put it off long enough… it’s time to get my teeth pulled. I have an appointment for a consultation on Monday.

From all the stories I’ve heard, you can either get local anesthesia or be put under general anesthesia, the latter being a little more expensive. Without even considering the financials, I’m not thrilled with the idea of being under general anesthesia when local will suffice but I’m also not thrilled with the ahead of being awake if they need to crack the teeth apart to extract them.

In terms of cost, estimates put it at between $150 – $300 a pop depending on if they’re impacted or what. My dental insurance covers 80% of extractions (to a maximum of $1500) with a $50 deductible. A friend of mine just had all four of his removed (general anesthesia, four impacted, two severely, and one of them being infected) and the bill was $2,000 of which he was responsible for paying $198 – same insurer. Luckily I padded my FSA with some extra cash this year because I figured I’d need this procedure.

I can’t wait!

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16 Responses to “My Impacted Wisdom Teeth”

  1. pkthunder says:

    When I had my wisdom teeth out, they gave me local anesthesia and also some loopy drug that does not put you under but does make you forget everything that’s happened. It’s a bit of a depressent, so you need someone to walk you around and drive you home. I think I fell asleep in the chair anyway because I had to wake up really early (college kid on Spring Break) for the 7 am surgery.

    I think very few people go completely under anymore.

  2. jim says:

    You had your teeth out during spring break? That sucks man…

  3. mbhunter says:

    I can feel for you. No fun. I had two extracted at once … the procedure only took two minutes after he started … but it was sore for a couple of weeks after that.

  4. Flexo says:

    I’m having my wisdom teeth out this month. My top ones are coming in straight but the bottoms are impacted. I don’t think my dental insurance is as good as yours — I still have to find out exactly how much it will cost me.

  5. jim says:

    Call up the insurer and they’ll let you know almost exactly how much it’ll cost. My insurer is Delta Dental and with a premium of only $5.91/mo it sounds like I’m going to luck out… hope there aren’t any complications, knock on wood.

  6. Tool Man says:

    what the!? I had mine out last year, I had 5 wisdom teeth! I had to pay 50%! It was around $1800 for the entire procedure!

  7. jim says:

    Sounds like you got hosed considering we probably have the same dental plan.

  8. Caitlin says:

    jim, I hope it goes smoothly for you…that can’t be fun (except for maybe the drug part for a little while) 😉

  9. If they’re impacted, then your health insurance might cover it, which would be better than filing it with your dental insurance. I had mine out (all four) last spring. They had all erupted, and it was actually very easy. I had the IV sedation (knocks you out for a few minutes while they do it) and it was totally worth it. The full bill was $1200, and my dental insurance originally denied it. I appealed and won, but still haven’t seen the money. Insurance had to pay the clinic, then I eventually get it back. Getting the insurer and the billing office on the same page has been an adventure. Good luck.

  10. bububle says:

    wow is that picture above of a meglodong jaw (preshistoirc 50 foot long shark?) I had my teeth pulled of me 5 days ago, and i am still recovering! i still cant eat solids, and i sleep over 13 hours a day, i think that my recovery process is longer and more serious then on avrage, becauswe people told me that they were back on their feet in two days or less. I was not even able to pass a bowel movement for four days after the surgury. I think i am also gaining a pain tolerence to my pain medacation becuse whenever i take it the amount of pain does not change, I havent been able to truely bursh my teeth for the last 5 days and only have been able to irrigate them out with salt water mix, and floss with them, most of the plaque and junk is stuck to my theeth but i cant open up my jaw more then a few inches so i cant clean anything, and i think theyre might be some mold in my mouth, becuse the stench smells bad. however it is over summer break so i have nothing that i am missing out on, and i have a cat that sleeps as much as i do so i dont have to have a job or school (it is good to have the teeth out when u are young so mom and day can baby you)

  11. bububle says:

    here are a few tips for a better recovery when subjucted to post surgury and the mistakes that i did that affected my recovery for the worse

    1. dot suck things, i know that after the surgury the dentist told me to never suck with a straw and that is exactly what i did however i suck things by nature, when i sleep, i usually sleep with my mouth closed and squeeze in as much air as possible creating a pressure pocket in my mouth that set pressure on all the loose stitching holding toethter the holes in my mouth from rippiong appart. It has been a bad habit that i have been following ever since i was a baby and it is a hard habbit it beat, so for all of you reading, dont suck things through a straw, and dont suck on yhour mouth creating pressure for the stitches.

    2.always clean your tteeth, one of the reaseons why my holes got infected was becuse it hurt to open my mouth so i could not rince all the way back in the back of the mouth to clean out the unporcessed food particles that wee causeing infection in the mouth fallicales. and those holes were magnits, in fact most of the food did not go down my throught at all, it was just caught in the loose flaps of skin and sat there for hours at a time to rot, and create fungul molds. alsways clean up your mouth, even if it does hurt and cause excess bleeding.

    3. medacation is good for the pain, but you need ice for the swelling, i always tie a cold pack around my cheeks with a babuska (old lady russion scarf) that makes the areas where the teeth were extracted not tend to swell up and burn the area. it also makes them less loose that takes away from them trying to grad random food particles also ttake one tablit of alive every 8 hours to stop the swelling and tynol or whaterverr pain medacation the doctor persicribed you ever 6 or 8 hours for the pain. (dont suck the pill down, take it with water or applesause)

    4. try to get excersise, and stay alert watching 8 hours straight of TV or surfing the net is always a bad idea becuse you dont htinkg or move and it makes your duller and slow to react if nayitng bad happens and bad things happen a lot

    those are my tips take car fellow dental surgery survivors

  12. Anonymous says:

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  13. Tiana says:

    I have to get my wisdom teeth extracted I am worried now reading all these horror stories.

  14. Kayla says:

    I just had my wisdom teeth taken out 4 days ago. The first day it was awful. Best advice I can give is to lay in bed, leaned up against pillows, and just relax. Eat soft foods like pudding and apple sauce. I was told not to brush my teeth or rinse the first day after the surgery, and to brush gently after. Ice is a MUST MUST MUST MUST, and working out will definitely help.

  15. anastasia says:

    I’m scheduled to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow… I will be getting general anesthesia… I’m really nervous and the only thing i’m really worried about is the stitches that i will have to get and the pain after…

  16. Zach says:

    I had my wisdom tooth pulled last Wednesday. The he “pulled” it was getting a screwdriver and pushing on one side of it until it cracked and came out. Surprisingly I had 0 pain the next day after the surgery, and had no problems up until now. My tooth tastes awful, but my roommate can not smell it when I talk to him. I’ve done research over this for a night or two, and supposedly this is normal. I don’t understand how something like this can go on for a week and people not want to have the taste removed from their mouth. I could literally not imagine a worse taste. Is there anyway of knowing how long this will last? I’ve rinsed with salt and baking soda for the past 3 days and that helps for about 15 minutes.

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