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My Impacted Wisdom Teeth

So a few months ago I started feeling one of my wisdom teeth (upper right ) poking through the skin and I went to a dentist/oral surgeon to have them checked out. In the full-mouth x-ray I saw that my top two wisdom teeth were growing in fine (a little crooked) but that my lower two wisdom teeth are growing in completely sideways. Fast forward a few months and now my upper right wisdom teeth is almost entirely in (it feels weird!) but my other three are still under the skin – except now my jaw hurts.

The lower left side of my jaw started hurting, only a little as if I had bumped into something, and was sore but I didn’t really think much of it and figured it’d go away after I went to bed and woke up. Then, my upper left wisdom tooth area started to throb (the start of it coming in) and now the pain in my jaw is slightly more pronounced. I think I’ve put it off long enough… it’s time to get my teeth pulled. I have an appointment for a consultation on Monday.

From all the stories I’ve heard, you can either get local anesthesia or be put under general anesthesia, the latter being a little more expensive. Without even considering the financials, I’m not thrilled with the idea of being under general anesthesia when local will suffice but I’m also not thrilled with the ahead of being awake if they need to crack the teeth apart to extract them.

In terms of cost, estimates put it at between $150 – $300 a pop depending on if they’re impacted or what. My dental insurance covers 80% of extractions (to a maximum of $1500) with a $50 deductible. A friend of mine just had all four of his removed (general anesthesia, four impacted, two severely, and one of them being infected) and the bill was $2,000 of which he was responsible for paying $198 – same insurer. Luckily I padded my FSA [3] with some extra cash this year because I figured I’d need this procedure.

I can’t wait!