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My Past Jobs In College

I was reading Jon at MyMoneyBlog [3] today and saw his post “Side Jobs For Extra Income: Past College Jobs [4]” and thought I’d list all my side jobs when I was in school. Incidentally, I spent five years at Carnegie Mellon and had a handful of decent jobs, many of which let me sit in a room with a computer and do my homework. So, in chronological order…

Periphonics Corporation, $11/hr – This was after my freshman year in college and Periphonics was an interactive voice response system company (think of the customer service phone menus you hated) that was acquired by Nortel Networks about a month after I left. The work was cool since it involved using ActiveX components and essentially linking screen captured data of a CSR with a phone call. This let managers review the phone calls by essentially sitting over the CSR’s shoulder. What was nice was I went back that winter and worked for a few weeks too.

Work-Study in Graphics Department, $10/hr – This was my work-study job while I was a sophomore. I don’t really remember much about this job because all I did was hang out and do simple administrative things. It was a great place to do homework though.

Intelligenesis Corporation, $17/hr – This was a start-up in NYC that I joined up with after my sophomore year that did data mining-type stuff on financial data. We worked with JavaSpaces to develop a framework for working on distributed projects. Essentially it let all the desktops they had in the office work like a big mainframe and work on a project together. Looking back, conceptually it was pretty easy but the execution was a pain. Living in NYC was great though. $17/hr in NYC is like $8 anywhere else though.

Introduction to Computer Science Grading Assistant, – $12/hr – In my junior year I was a grading assistant for a visiting professor for the intro programming class offered at my school. The pay and the name of the class are both probably wrong but it’s something like that. It basically involved me grading their homework and projects on my own and it was pretty simple.

Three Village Inn, $10/hr – I worked as a banquet waiter after my junior year because I was planning on taking a two month trip to Taiwan as part of a special program they have. With only half the summer, I couldn’t get a serious technical job so I went to a local banquet hall/B&B my friend worked at. Honestly, it was the most fun I had at a job and while stressful, taught me a lot about “life.” I think everyone should work in the service industry at one point in their life.

H.J. Heinz Corporation, $15/hr – I honestly don’t remember my pay for the job but it was probably like $15/hr or something like that. I basically helped manage their intranet system which they later on outsourced to IBM. I worked there part-time for a large part of my summer after my senior year and while I was pursuing my masters. The job wasn’t terribly challenging but it gave me a good sleep schedule because I worked in the morning (or all day on my days without classes) and went to class in the afternoon/nights.

Has anyone here worked at somewhere interesting/exciting while they were in college?