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MyFICO 25% Off Promotional Code: FinancialHelp25

This code has expired but there’s a new myFICO 30% off coupon [3]: SURVEY30.

Every so often MyFICO, the consumer arm of credit score equation creator Fair Isaac Corporation, offers discount codes to some of their products. The product I’ve had the most interaction with has been the MyFICO ScoreWatch product, which has a 30 day trial, so I haven’t been keeping close tabs on the promotional codes lately.

The latest promotional code is valid until September 30th and it’s FinancialHelp25. It drops the price of all their products by 25%, making them:

In the purchase process there will be a place to put in a promotional code, just enter FinancialHelp25 for 25% off.

FICO Standard

FICO Standard is one of their simplest products. You can get a FICO score from Equifax or TransUnion, a copy of your credit report, and a FICO Score Simulator. The normal price is $15.95 for one score from one bureau, so 2X $15.95 if you want both. When you order this product, you get to see your score and report for thirty days. This is good because if you’re planning a major purchase, it’s always good to check your score and this check will not hurt your score.

Suze Orman’s FICO Kit

Suze Orman’s FICO Kit offers more than just your scores, it includes a bunch of planning tools that can help improve your credit score [5]. It comes with a debt eliminator, online vault for important documents, home and car loan coaching, email reminders for bills, and the FICO Score Simulator.

MyFICO ScoreWatch

MyFICO ScoreWatch is probably their more popular product because it gives you continuous access to your credit score. I’ve written a MyFICO ScoreWatch review [6] which will give you much greater insight into the product.