National City – PNC Bank Overdraft Settlement

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This is a reminder to anyone who may be eligible for a piece of the $12 million settlement (litigation Trombley v. National City Bank, No. 1:10-CV-232) that the deadline to submit a claim for those benefits is creeping up, you have a little over a month until the August 26th, 2011 deadline. If you haven’t excluded yourself (that deadline has passed, it was June 27th) then you might as well download the claim form and submit it, otherwise you’ll get nothing.

Who is eligible? “The Settlement offers payments to eligible people who paid Overdraft Fees on a National City deposit account between July 1, 2004 and August 15, 2010, whether or not such fees were charged before or after National City was merged into PNC, where the overdraft fees resulted from you using your bank card.”

How much will you get? “As long as there are sufficient funds available in the Settlement Fund, each Settlement Class Member who submits a valid claim will receive $36 for each eligible Overdraft Fee. If sufficient funds are available, Settlement Class Members may be paid up to three times this amount. If the total amount needed to pay valid claims exceeds funds available in the Settlement Fund, each Settlement Class Member’s payment will be reduced and paid in proportion to all Settlement Class Members’ payments.”

If you want more information, you can visit the website or call 1-866-960-5706.

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62 Responses to “National City – PNC Bank Overdraft Settlement”

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Has anyone received a check yet?

    • s crafts says:

      i did but i am not satified.

      • s crafts says:

        The amount of valid claims received exceeds the amount in the net settlement fund. Therefore, all claims have received a proportional distribution based on the final numbers, as contemplated under the settlement agreement. So should I cash this measley 60.35 check or what? They took so much more from me. wth?

  2. Toby says:

    I called yesterday and they told me they were still processing my claim, same thing they told me over 2 weeks ago.

    • Anne says:

      I live in PA and haven’t received a thing yet. I just checked the updates and it appears they completed distribution, but didn’t have enough money to pay everyone the full amount they we due. I am wondering how much of a cut everyone got and how they determined the cut amount for each person.

  3. Anne says:

    Got my check today for $72.31. This isnt even half of what National City took from me. I guess better than nothing.

  4. Colby Townsend says:

    They “stole” thousands from me in wrongful overdraft charges and I got a whopping $63.90. What a joke!!

  5. Eriva says:

    Live in Pa got a 113.00 check today paid about 350.00 in overdraft fees….oh well better than nothing!!!

  6. robyn says:

    hello: my name is Robyn and this is my story i have been a national city bank holder with my children from 1994 till now with PNC i had received a noticed that national city bank was going to court for over draft fees i submit forms for my children now 1 yr later mail comes from settlements i got a check for my daughter but didn’t received for my son and i submitted the whole family that i was card holder over i call up Portland OR,about this issue they claim they don’t see anything for my son which doesn’t make any since we lost $152.00 in over draft fees now um leaving out of the bank that i lost money to in a draft fee and finding a bank that trust us and not just they self s

  7. Brandon C in MI says:

    I’m SUPER PISSED. I just got a check for $3.55 – They expected me to pay $375 in OD fees and it’s still in collections after this – I’M FERVENT – OUTRAGED.

  8. bjbby1 says:

    Live in Michigan, got $120.71. Daughter got $24.85.

  9. robert says:

    I submitted my claim with over 2k in overdraft fee’s within 3 months and Just received a check today for a measley $106.00.. Last month when I was asking for the money that was supposedly released they claimed they could not locate my account. A little fishy because they verified my account last year. but i complied and sent my bank statements certified. Needless to say If i was not a good record keeper i would of got nothing. but i am not satisfied at all with 106.00 … This settlement is bogus, over 120k people got involved in this settlement which means that their was more who diddnt and even more who couldnt show proof. So why would they offer to settle for 12m

  10. michelle says:

    Got from PA got $21.00 what a croc they got hundreds.

    • Pissed in Detroit says:

      We should be going after the lawyers that handled this lawsuit because I feel some fishy stuff is going on. The lawyers for this case laughed all the way to the bank because I only received 49.00 dollars

  11. Tracey says:

    I got a measureless $17.75 & I don’t know how they came up with that amount seeing I had many OD than that & that doesn’t cover one fee…..

  12. Jen says:

    Wow just received my check today and after reading these comments I see I’m not the only one unsatisfied. I have proof of a total of 12 overdraft fees within 2 months and my check was for $67. What the heck. Called to find out how much was awarded per overdraft fee and they “aren’t providing that information”. So frustrating!

  13. Tamra says:

    This is BS they got ALOT of money from me and all I got is a check for $3.55 my son paid less than I did and recieved a check for $203.00 I think we need to sue the lawyers who sued National City!

  14. Chris says:

    It’s outrageous. If a thief had robbed us, they would be in jail. Because it was a large national bank, they got away with it as far as I’m concerned. I got back $28.00 from the settlement. They stole almost $700.00 from my account over those 4 years.

  15. Jasmine says:

    I received 63.90… am I satisfied, no. But, something is better than nothing. There’s nothing we can do about it so, we might as well accept it….

  16. Anne says:

    Received a check for $220.11. i had a lot of OD’s over the years but will take what ever they give me.

  17. Denise says:

    My husband loses thousands a year in overdraft fees. Me, I never do because I understood the games the banks played a long time ago and I played accordingly. That being said, the thousands and thousands he has had to pay because of creative bookwork on the banks part was given back 56.80. Its disgusting that the lawyers walked aways with millions, the banks got to keep billions and the people hurt by it all get a happy meal.

    • Jim says:

      If your husband loses thousands a year in overdraft fees, why hasn’t he changed his behavior to avoid them? One every so often is a minor mistake, thousands means he just doesn’t care.

      • Denise says:

        Why are you asking me why when you’re preaching to the choir? Just because some of us can comprehend bank tactics and their creative book records on our accounts. Doesn’t mean everyone ‘gets it’. If you read these posts you will notice there are many who have lost hundreds to thousands. You and me look at them like they are nuts because we can figure out the system a bank uses. While others think I put my check in the bank today, I have money. The bank doesn’t see it that way. Then the bank takes out the large deduction and bounce 17 transactions for soda or coffee.

        • Maria says:

          I gotta agree with Jim… I received a check back – $234.31. Which only means that I was really irresponsible during that particular time frame. I did change my behavior and have not overdrawn my account since. It’s about personal responsibility. WTH… maybe you should manage the money in your household instead of your husband since you “know how banks work”. Online banking allows you to see what is available. Deposits are usually available the next day or horror of horrors, get direct deposit. Your money will be available on your payday usually at 6 am. I don’t think it’s a “system” – unless you could how the bank re-sequences the checks and charges. But since it’s common knowledge now, keep track of what you spend.

  18. Vickie says:

    Received a whooooping $31.35….was it worth the processing? NOPE! But thanks for 1/2 tank of gas!

  19. Maggie says:

    Seriously… Dont spend money you dont have. Keep track. Take some responsibilty and stop blaming everyone else. I don’t make a great salary, I’ve felt the recession and had to make cut backs and I don’t spend money I don’t have.

    • Stephan says:

      Are you always a moron or just having a bad day? The bank was re-sequencing transactions to force OD. It doesn’t have anything to do with spending money you don’t have.

      • Maria says:

        No bad day – just believe in personal responsibility. It is about spending money you don’t have – track what you’re spending.

  20. Stephan says:

    I got $85. Obviously the amount they got from me in bogus OD fees is much much higher. So, the bank stole form us, the lawyers stole from us and because it was a settlement: “The proposed settlement does not mean that any law was broken or that the Defendant did anything wrong. Defendant denies all legal claims in this case.”

    So much about justice… Fu%*&ing lawyers and bankers…

  21. Maria says:

    I received my check for 74.55 and something is better than nothing, I work for wells Fargo I adviced you guys to bank there we don’t have those hiding od fees national city had 🙂 have a great day everyone

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hello I’m still paying late fees now today so your cutoff time of August 2010 will not help my cause thank u anyway but my cost is a little greater then what u have to offer.

  23. R. Smith says:

    Am I the only one that has not received a check? are they still sending them out? I qualify for sure I got the card, submitted my claim WHERE is MY check?

  24. D. S. Watson says:

    It is now August 2013 and I still have not received my refund check. Is there anyone with information on: 1) Are they still sending out checks? 2) I received the post card and it said I did not need to do anything further except wait for my check…Having said that….do I still need to file a claim or is it too late? After reading comments from everyone, it seems the checks have been on an average between $50.00 and $120.00. That may not seem like a lot to some, but it would really help me right now. 🙂 Any answers to my questions would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much. D. S. Watson

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