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National Thrift Week

In 1916, with the threat of World War I, major civic leaders launched an educational campaign known as National Thrift Week [3] that began on Benjamin Franklin’s birthday, January 17th. As you can probably see by the calendar, it’s the 19th so I’ve already been remiss in missing the first two days!

For fifty years, National Thrift Week ran strong passing from sponsor to sponsor, starting at first with local YMCAs and local businesses looking to cash in, but eventually in 1966 the push fizzled out (read the full history of National Thrift Week [4]). You could argue that for another forty years, thrift was replaced by consumerism and easy credit and our reversion back to thrift is one out of necessity.

Templeton Press is a non-profit book publisher founded by investor John Templeton and they’re the ones behind this push to bring back National Thrift Week. Regardless of how you feel about thrift, a quick scan of the seven days of National Thrift Week will prove to be invaluable in that each day is devoted to one simple concept in personal finance:

On each of those days, take a few minutes out of the grind to think if you’ve got that base covered or not. If you do, wonderful! If you don’t, take a few more minutes to see what it would take to get that bullet knocked off your list.

Finally, Templeton is running a contest where you can win a $100 savings bond [5] by writing a fifty word or less essay!