Netflix Good Customer Service Experience Story

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As a fairly frugal person, it wasn’t until recently that I opened an account at Netflix. Maybe it was the monthly fees or the fact that I saw stacks of the same movies week after week on my friends’ coffeetables, but I never really got why people loved Netflix so much.

However, when I learned about their Instant Queue and that it was integrated with the Xbox 360, I was sold. Now, with the latest Xbox 360 update, you can browse the Instant Library from the Xbox and watch movies on demand. A few months ago, you would have to log into your account on a computer and add movies to your Instant Queue before you would watch them. This update made you skip that minor hurdle of a step.

So you can imagine my disappointment when I tried to watch something the other day and learned that I couldn’t. I chalked it up to technical issues, the first I’d seen in the few months I’ve been using Netflix, and went to do something else.

This morning, I checked my email and saw this:
Netflix Credit Email

That’s pretty good! A single day’s worth of difficulties isn’t worth calling and requesting a credit, especially if it was for only an hour or however long it was (I didn’t try for that long), so this was a nice gesture on their part.

Top notch customer service, thumbs up Netflix.

Have you had a good or bad experience with Netflix? Please let me know in the comments, thanks!

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24 Responses to “Netflix Good Customer Service Experience Story”

  1. Diasdiem says:

    I’ve had generally good experiences with Netflix since I resubscribed earlier this year. I had switched to Blockbuster a couple years ago because Netflix had started throttling me, and I had two discs in a TV series arrive unplayable (the second one was broken in half!) By this time the turnaround time for a new disc was about a week (way up from the 2-day wait when I started) and Blockbuster’s in-store trades (unlimited when I joined) sounded more convenient. Indeed, when I received a damaged disc from them, I just went to one of their stores and swapped it for a working copy.

    But then they started trimming services, and frequently I wouldn’t get the top movie in my queue, and I wouldn’t feel like watching the one I had, and it’d sit on my coffee table for a couple weeks before I either watched it (like doing a chore) or just gave up and turned it back in at the store. Half the time I wouldn’t even feel like browsing for a trade.

    I switched back to Netflix earlier this year after trying the online viewing with my sister’s account, and got hooked. I bought a Roku player so I could watch on TV, and canceled my cable entirely and stayed solely with internet (saving about $70 a month). I’ve only had a few problems before, and both were handled very well by Netflix. On one occasion I was offered a similar discount (3% of $9 isn’t much, but it’s a nice gesture) and in another situation, where they couldn’t deliver the next disc in a TV series I was watching in a timely manner, they instead sent the next movie in my queue and then sent the next disc in the series when it became available, so I had two DVDs at once instead of waiting for one! The online viewing alone is worth the price.

  2. Brack says:

    I have *great* customer service from Netflix. Got the same message, and just the other day, I had them mail me a movie that wasn’t in stock at the closest facility, so they shipped the next available title to me so I wouldn’t have to wait the extra couple days for the movie to come in.


  3. Money Beagle says:

    I actually joined Netflix in March of 2003. I had sworn off Blockbuster after they ‘stole’ a movie of mine. I had purchased a VHS ‘previously viewed’ and accidentally returned that instead of the rental. When I realized my mistake, not only did they charge me the overdue fee (which I guess was fair), they wouldn’t give me my original movie back! That has cost them $1,318 that I’ve spent with Netflix in the subsequent six and a half years. That seems like a lot but I’ve gotten 611 movies in that time, averaging just over $2.10 per rental.

    All in all I’ve been pleased! Back in the early days, I was a very high volume renter. I was a little mad at them for awhile because they would throttle me back before they admitted that they did throttling. Suddenly my returns wouldn’t show as returned for an extra day, and my next movie would take an extra day to ship. That was very annoying, but now that I’ve scaled back to their most basic plan (not as much time to watch movies anymore) I don’t run into that at all.

    They’ve always handled things well when on occasions a movie came damaged or the wrong movie showed up, or didn’t show up at all. Those instances have been rare, and they’ve always responded very quickly when they do happen.

    All in all, I love Netflix. I’ve never considered switching to Blockbuster simply because of my horrible in-store experience.

  4. BRCA1 says:

    I have been with Netflix since late 2003 and have had very few problems. Probably less than 10 broken or missing disks, all of which were replaced within 48hrs in my mailbox. I remember a few years ago they had technical problems with their servers, no one could access their queues. The next day I had an email from corporate apologizing and giving everyone a 3-5% discount on the monthly bill. Sure they had the throttling issues but since the lawsuit that hasn’t been a problem for me at least. Still a far cry above Blockbuster’s customer service record in my opinion.

  5. Neil says:

    I use one of their Canadian imitators,, and have also had good service on the rare occasion that I need it. Actually, the only time was when I had only received one movie in my billing month, but they said I’d received 2 and wouldn’t send me another. (I don’t have a lot of movie time, so I’ve got the super-basic plan) One email was all it took to correct the problem.

  6. StephaniePTY says:

    I love Netflix! It made sense for my parents (and me, when I was living with them), but now, I don’t think I’ll be getting it. The boyfriend and I don’t watch a lot of movies – maybe we will when neither of us is working on a major project. Oh wait, that will never happen! Haha. But when we do watch a movie, it’s spur of the moment. Like “oh, we suddenly actually have 2-3 hours to do something we want!” For us, hopping into Blockbuster, renting from RedBox, or running out and seeing something in the theater is much better. If we had Netflix, the movies would sit and sit and sit until we found time to watch them, all while we pay monthly fees.

    I love Netflix dearly, and had nothing but great experiences with them, but it’s just not right for my lifestyle right now.

  7. Amanda says:

    I think Netflix is a model of how customer service should work and want to point out something about their Xbox message (which I also received): it’s on the honor system. They are willing to give some people who didn’t have trouble a credit so that those who did have trouble don’t get negatively impacted. They are _proactive_. Cable company, phone company, take note!

  8. freeby50 says:

    I’ve been a Netflix user since 2003. I don’t recall having any problems with them.

    Netflix can be a pretty good deal and its very convenient. But you do have to watch enough movies to make it worth the monthly cost.

  9. CuriousAG says:

    I got 7% once when I had trouble viewing on internet. We can’t expect more than this from a service provider but to be practical 7% of $8.99 is just 7 cents …. 😉

  10. I’ve always had a great experience with Netflix. I closed my account about a year ago though, because I just didn’t have time to watch the movies that I got when school was in session. I miss it though, and I would definitely join again if I had more free time.

  11. I don’t like Netflix or any subscription based service. I don’t like waiting for the movie in the mail. Or sometimes I would go for weeks or months without watching a movie, but would keep getting charged. Now I use Moviecube (similar to Redbox). It’s only a buck per day. And I get the movie I want, on the night I want to watch it, and only pay a buck for it. It’s way cheaper in the long run.

  12. ED ZEE says:

    NETFLIX sucks: pop ups on my pc all the time. Boycott them and send yucky stuff to them.

  13. Jamie says:

    We are on the 2 movies/month; one at a time plan. Last week, we had a movie at home and received another. Hmmm…then I found an email explaining that the second movie we received had been higher in our queue, but unavailable when it was time to send it, so they had sent the second in the queue. When the first came available, they sent it right away. They then told me I could still get one more movie for the month even though this would have been my second movie for the month. I LOVE Netflix!

  14. Fairy Dust says:

    I’ve had very good luck with Netflix and good service from them. Right now, my account’s on hold and will probably stay that way for quite awhile – we just don’t have the time to watch the movies. I like the fact that I can still put movies in my queue and then renew the hold feature until such time we have the opportunity to watch again. They’re a good business model in customer service.

  15. Alice says:

    My parents gave me Netflix a couple of years ago as a “going-off-to-college” present. It’s extremely useful, since the only place close enough to get movies to watch is the university library, which doesn’t have a huge selection (Blockbuster, etc. are too far away to walk, and my friends and I don’t have cars). I’m abroad this semester, and my parents were able to create a profile on my account and try it out while I can’t use it. The profiles idea is wonderful, since, if my parents decide to get it, they can just add additional movies to my plan and the movies can be sent different places — much cheaper to upgrade than to pay for two different plans!

  16. I love Netflix. My brother gives it to me for Christmas every year. I rarely go to the movies any more and can generally get in two-three movies a week.

    I also use it online to catch up on shows like Heroes. The two discs I got that ended up being unplayable they replaced before I even got the old ones in the mail.

    Excellent service and fast deliver. Of course I only live a couple of hours from one of their fulfillment centers so it makes turn around much quicker 😉

  17. Toya says:

    I love Netflix. My husband and I watch HBO series. We have watched The Wire, True Blood, Six Feet Under and now are watching Deadwood. We have enjoyed them all. Heros and 24 are also good series to watch.

  18. I can honestly say that I’ve never had a single problem with netflix – never a broken or unplayable disc, always quick. Their movies always arrive within a couple of days of our sending the last one back. And now that they have instant streaming movies on our Xbox, we hardly ever do anything but watch the streaming movies. The streaming works flawlessly as well – which you can’t say about all streaming movie services.

    Love netflix!

  19. Santarosawillie says:

    I have been very pleased with Blockbuster and their service. I don’t have movies shipped all the way across the U.S. taking an inordinate time as I had with Netflix prior to this. Blockbuster ships very fast and I can return movies to the store which is quicker than mail service.

  20. daemondust says:

    I’ve gotten those tiny refund offers about once a month since I signed up, but haven’t gone for them since I didn’t actually have a problem. The one time I have had a problem, I haven’t gotten the offer (yet).

    Either way, Netflix seems to be doing it right.

  21. Sam says:

    I would NEVER buy a thing from this company just because of their ANNOYING POP UPS!

  22. cadams says:

    Has anyone, especially in the Columbia, MD, area, found that they simply aren’t getting their NetFlix releases? I’ve spoken to the post office and the formally complained through the USPS website but, I’m still only getting one in five DVDs. Seems someone else is getting them and sending each one back in the return envelope. This has been going on for about six weeks and no one with the post office or NetFlix seems able to fix the problem. Is anyone else experiencing this in the area?

  23. Steve says:

    I had trouble viewing one night, and I got a email saying they would give me a extra day on my free trial if I clicked the link. This was on the 12th of this month, my due date was the 14th, but with the free day, I should not be billed until the 15th. So what happens? I get billed on the 14th, and never got my free extra day…so a part of me thinks they just say this to free trial users so they don’t cancel and they can be billed, so I called and asked why I was told I was going to get a extra day and didn’t. The guy was very nice and told me that he is applying a 25% off of my next bill for december…so awesome…25% of 9.58 is a decent little chunk, and imo it’s way better than 1 free day 🙂 so woohooo

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