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Netflix Streaming Video to PlayStation 3

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PlayStation 3As I explained in my Netflix review, one of the reasons why I became a Netflix convert was the streaming content they had available to XBox 360 owners. For $8.99 a month, you had access to their entire library of online streaming content at your fingertips. From my point of view, I saw that as the real reason to subscribe to Netflix and getting one-DVD out at a time was just a nice side benefit.

Until recently, Playstation 3 owners were left out. Fortunately, Netflix realized the error of their ways and have produced a disc you can put into your PS3 to get access to the Netflix library. By 2010, they believe they will have a software update available so that the disc will no longer be necessary. You can request your disc here.

I don’t have a PS3 so I won’t be requesting one or reviewing it but the folks behind Hacking Netflix recently put together a review of the disc and its features. If you have a PS3 and a Netflix member, request your disc so you can get what I consider the best benefit of a Netflix subscription.

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24 Responses to “Netflix Streaming Video to PlayStation 3”

  1. saladdin says:

    Doesn’t the xbox have a subscription fee of $50 a year?


  2. mikestreb says:

    I just signed up for netflix when I found out they were shipping the PS3 disc. I received it already and love it. The selection isn’t great, but there are definitely a lot of movies and shows available. And whatever isn’t available instantly, we put in the regular queue. It really is a deal for $9/month (Much better than the $20 I was paying for Blockbuster’s Mail Program).

  3. Justin says:

    I just got my disc a few days ago and love it already. I especially like it for the TV series. I don’t have showtime, but I like some of their shows.

    Hopefully, they will continue to improve the movies that are available for streaming (or at least current titles).

  4. eric says:

    Uuu..another pro for the PS3 now..must resist buying temptation though..

    • jsbrendog says:

      this. i want one…but i must ocntinue to resist the urge to drop 300 dollars followed by 60 every month or two for games. but. it. is. so. hard.

  5. AmandaDRowe says:

    Are their other options to get this than the Xbox or PS3? I’m not exactly a gamer.

    • a nony mous says:

      yes, u can watch it on ur computer or u can get a roku.

    • saladdin says:

      1. ROKU box. It is designed to specifically to stream netflix. $99 new but $89 refurbished on Amazon.

      2. Do what I did. Get that old desktop you don’t use anymore and a VGA cable. Connect your desktop to the tv and stream away. Only bad thing is that your desktop can’t be too “old” or the picture can be a little choppy. Or buy a refurbished desktop off overstock for $150 ish.

      Use your cashback card, and go thru your upromise site ( or bing cash or fatwallet cashback) and you can get another 5% or so knocked off on


      • daemondust says:

        VGA isn’t the answer here. VGA to composite (and component) adapters do exist, but the color space is different, so it won’t look all that good. If you have a TV with an HDMI port and a computer with DVI, you’re golden. HDMI is a reformat of DVI that includes sound and optionally encryption. So, a simple adapter will convert you between the two, modulo sound. My TV has one of the HDMI ports linked to analog sound input specifically for this purpose.

        There’re also some adapters that will take a S/PDIF audio stream and transplant it into an HDMI stream so you only need to route one cable between the PC and TV, but those are somewhat expensive, so aren’t a good solution.

        • saladdin says:

          My VGA picture from my computer to my tv looks just as good as my “normal” tv picture. My gf could not tell the difference. Neither can I.


          • daemondust says:

            I assume you’re using component video. There, the colors are close enough that you aren’t going to notice a difference much more than you would between two monitors fed off the same source.

            DVI to HDMI would yield a better picture on a good, or large, HDTV simply because the signal stays digital the whole way instead of having to be converted to analog and back again.

    • daemondust says:

      Supposedly streaming to the Wii is next. The Wii and XBOX 360 are $200 each. The PS3 $300. So, it would take two years of XBOX Live fees to recover the additional cost of a PS3. However, a PS3 is also a great Blu-ray player.

      If you have an old(er) computer or a laptop with DVI output, there are cheap adapters to convert that to (soundless) HDMI for your TV, so you could use that. If you don’t have one, however, a PS3 isn’t very expensive compared to a computer with enough power to keep up with the stream, especially if you plan to watch Blu-ray too.

  6. CreditShout says:

    I just requested the disk last night, won’t ship until Monday but I can’t wait to try this out.. from the reviews though it looks like the interface is a bit behind that of the Xbox 360 version, however I hear in the next major PS3 software update Netflix support will be included so you won’t need the disk anymore.

  7. daemondust says:

    While I do love being able to stream to more than the ‘360, it does seem a little less polished on the PS3 than the ‘360. Even ignoring the disc requirement (until they get it worked into the base firmware), the UI is much less polished. The video chooser just doesn’t look as good. The streams, however, are the same.

    So, I won’t be renewing my XBOX Live now that I can stream to my PS3, but I’m hoping it gets more polished when it’s worked into the firmware.

  8. PK says:

    I just subscribed to Netflix solely for the streaming on PS3. I also own an XBox360 but don’t purchase Live Gold, so that was a bust for me. We currently are maintaining our Blockbuster Online account as well because we can’t get this plan anymore (3 at a time with unlimited exchanges for only $20). If we like the service, we might just let BBOnline go.

  9. anthonyvogl says:

    This sounds like a good alternative to going cable-less.

  10. Nick says:

    I got my disk last Thursday and it is great. I’ve got a substantial Instant Queue built up and can easily access it from my PS3.

    The only complaint I have is so much of Netflix’s catalog is unavailable on Instant Play. I can see season 6 or 7 of The Shield, but where’s season 1. I can see season 4 of Lost but what about 5. There is still a lot of movies and television shows available but it’d be nice to have all of a series instead of being limited to a season here, a season there.

  11. Chris says:

    This on top of resent price drops on the PS3. Time for a new toy.

    • jsbrendog says:

      i’m tyring to hold out one mroe price drop. I have made it this far….can i do it? and if not a price drop then some sort of bundle that appeals to me…..when god of war 3 comes out i will cave anyway so i guess it is just a matter of time

  12. Julio says:

    The wife said I can get one for xmas if I’m a good boy until then. 🙂

  13. CK says:

    I stream Netflix through my Tivo, it’s pretty sweet, they need to add more though.

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