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The folk(s) who run NetWorthIQ [3] asked me (and a bunch of other personal finance [4] bloggers [5]) to take a look at their site and check it out. I agree with Flexo, the site has potential and I’m always glad to take a look at someone’s work and give them whatever little exposure I can – I find that personal finance bloggers typically are nice people and always like to extend a helping hand whenever possible.

That being said, NetWorthIQ is a nice idea that mirrors what a lot of other bloggers already do but in a centralized place and, in time, allow you to compare. I don’t know if comparisons are all that valuable (since I don’t even think my calculated “net worth” is entirely accurate anyway) but this could become something big. At the their blog, they say they’ve gotten 66 users in 4 days – a pretty good clip! Make it 67 [6].

Some things I think they need to add: