New $100 Bill

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New $100 FrontIf you’ve wondered why Benjamin Franklin’s expression on the $100 bill never changes, it’s because he’s been getting regular botox injections. He would love to show emotion, but unfortunately he can’t. This year, he’ll be getting a little more work done, his first since 1996.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has created site with interactive tools that showcases the security features of the new $100 bill or you can check out their PDF explaining everything in great detail.

Here are some, but not all, of the cool new security features:

  • 3-D Security Ribbon: You can’t miss it, it’s a blue ribbon that goes down the middle of the bill. When you tilt it, you will be able to see italics 100s written vertically. The ribbon is woven into the bill itself, it’s not on top of the paper.
  • Inkwell: There’s a new orange inkwell near Franklin’s left shoulder. When you tilt the bill, you will see the Liberty Bell in that inkwell.
  • Portrait Watermark: To the right of the Department of the Treasury Seal should be a portrait watermark, a feature that is in use on other redesigned bills.
  • Color shifting 100: Finally, the orange 100 in the lower right will change colors as you tilt it, a feature that was included in all recent bill redesigns.
  • Huge 100 on the Back: If you didn’t like the enormous 5 on the redesigned $5 bill, you might not like the gynormous gold 100 on the back of the new $100. Like on the $5, this was done to help those who are visually impaired.
  • Microprinting: “The United States of America” is printed in tiny letters on Franklin’s collar, “USA 100” is around the blank space of the watermark, “One Hundred USA” along the golden quill, and finally 100s on the borders of the bill.

Here’s the back of the bill:
New $100 Back

What do you think? Like it? Hate it? Don’t care?

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78 Responses to “New $100 Bill”

  1. Kate says:

    A little too colorful for my taste.

  2. They need to go back to the drawing board. That is one ugly bill.

  3. Anonymous says:

    They keep screwing with the money not to keep counterfeiters from making a few cents. They keep changing it in casew people are hoarding cash. If you have a few million sitting somewhere and then they change it it will look suspicious if all of a sudden you come out with this old money. There is no way that counterfeiting is such a big deal. It might have ben 40 years ago,. when there wasn’t anything like the safety measures they have in place now. In fact it would take someone like a government to fake the money we have now. There is no way an individual could do this.

  4. Bill Coles says:

    They are changing the money so the low class counterfeiters have a hard time, but the governments can easily make the changes. But with people checking the money with the marker. I’ve seen then in dime store check the $5 bill.

  5. Bill Coles says:

    They are changing the money so the low class counterfeiters have a hard time, but the governments can easily make the changes.
    Where they screwed us was giving us credit cards. That’s where we got screwed.

  6. Christian says:

    Everyone seems to miss the most controversial
    aspect of the new bills. That is the blank
    watermark that is on all of the world’s paper
    money. This watermark’s purpose is obvious to
    anyone who has read the Book of Revelation in
    the Blble. It is reserved for the portrait and/
    or the number of the beast, aka the Antichrist
    whose appearance the One World government, the
    Ilummiati, the Free Masons, the Da-vinci code
    Families, the Skull & Bones and all of the
    other Satanic cults on this planet, await with
    great excitement. The Antichrist’s appearance
    will occur as follows: A well known man from
    the past who died from a “head wound” will
    suddenly come back to life. He will actually
    be Satan possessing the human body of this
    very famous man and most of the world will be
    deceived by his great miracles and will accept
    him as their great messiah who will end all
    wars and bring peace & safety to the world.

  7. Kent says:

    Pls send me a sample so I can inspect the changes close up.

  8. Jerry Jones says:

    If counterfeiting is a problem now they must have been making billions 40 years ago. I say it’s not about counterfeiting. It’s about people hoarding money. If they keep changing the money and you’ve got a few million of the old money it will only be a few weeks before the older money is out of circulation. So let’s say you had old money from ten years ago it would draw attention if you used it.
    I mean years ago they had no safe guards. They had no pen to use. Now with all these safety emasures and all the stores checking the bills and they want us to believe it’s still a problem? The only way someone could counterfeit our money is if they are a government. Find the counterfeit money and just keep taking it out of circulation.

  9. Joe Bassett says:

    Why not make money only out of coins? They could be used for small purchases, because they are going to do away with money all together soon anyway.
    If you’re smart you’ll get a job that you can deal in cash or barter. If you do carpentry work, cut tree, weld, cut grass or anything that doesn’t give you a paycheck every week and you can do a lot better. You get screwed when you work a job or sell something where you get a check.

  10. Drago Wolf says:

    What should REALLY happen is,

    0. Eliminate the penny, nickel and quarter. The penny and nickel because they cost too much to produce, and the quarter because you’d need nickels to make change for them.

    1. Replace the quarter with a 20 cent coin, calling it the “fifth” as 20 cents is a fifth of a dollar.

    2. Redesign the half dollar coin to be smaller, and less bulky.

    3. Replace the $1, $2 and $5 bills with coins. The U.S. $2 coin should be like Canada’s twoney (a siver ring around a golden center) and the $5 coin should be like the proposed Canadian $5 coin (Yes, Canada has been proposing replacing their $5 bill with a $5 coin) a golden ring around a silver center.

    4. Issue a $200 bill for the first time in U.S. history, and reissue both the $500 and the $1,000 bills. The Euro currently has a 500 Euro note worth close to $900 US$ which justifies bringing back all denominations up to the U.S. $1,000 bill.

    5. Round off all transactions to the nearest dime.


    What would be more likely to happen, and might not be too bad of an idea is,

    0. Make all pennies out of copper plated steel, all nickels out of nickel plated steel, make the dime, quarter, and half out of either nickel plated steel as well, or pure solid stainless steel, make the $1 coin out of brass plated steel or stainless steel.

    1. Redesign the half dollar coin with a program similar to the State/Teritory/National Park Quarter programs and the Presidential/Native American $1 Coin programs to spark interest in the 50 cent denomination. This will also reduce the ammount of quarters needed to be minted and carried around.

    2. Colorize, but do not redesign the $1 bill to where it would not be accepted by dollar bill readers. Congress opposes redesigning the $1 bill due to the costs to small businesses needing to upgrade, costing around $500 million dollars if they had to. So, just a distinct colored background would be nice.

    3. Totally redesign the $2 bill to have its own large numeral 2 on the reverse, and a design theme that fits and conforms the $5-$100($1,000) and if they change the lengths of all denomination Federal Reserve notes, make the $2 bill slightly longer than the $1 bill.

    4. Reissue the $500 bill for sure, but maybe also add at least a $200 bill, and possibly reissue the $1,000 bill as it is justified, to compete with the 500 Euro note which is worth about $880 US$.

    5. Print all denominations of U.S. paper money in polymer plastic. Polymer is cleaner, holds germs less and stronger than our current cotton/linen paper currency, lasting up to four times as long as the cotton/linen currency we have. A $1 bill currently lasts about 18 months (1 1/2 years) If we issued polymer $1 bills, they would last about 6 years and if the Treasury encourged and pushed for retailers to use new polymer $2 bills, those polymer $1 bills may last 7-8 years or longer due to $2 bills taking the work load off the $1 bills. Then there would be no reason for the “$1 Bill Vs. Dollar Coin” issue.

    6. Possibly kill the $1 coin and only mint them for collectors and at a premium in Mint rolls and bags, but no longer mint any for general circulation, (similar to how the current half dollar coin is being treated) unless the $1 bill is removed from circulation, which is not very likely to happen, as history has shown. And as stated in idea #5 with polymer $1 and $2 bills circulating, there would be no need to replace the $1 bill with a dollar coin.

    • Jerry Jones says:

      You couldn’t not have the dime and round off to the nearest dime. I think keep the dime and lose the rest. I mean what cost a penny or nickel. Maybe a piece of bubble gum. Could you imagine how much tonnage it would be if everyone turned in their quarters, nickels and pennies? But then if they couldn’t charge 19.99 anymore half the stuff wouldn’t sell, because people would refuse to pay $20.00. So the whole idea might wreck the economy anyway.

  11. Jerry Jones says:

    I would say eliminate the all the coins, but just make the dime. You could round off to the nearest dime. But it is time to quit making pennies and nickels and quarters.
    They could make money out of hemp paper. I agree stop charging 9.95 for shit. Round it off and save people the hassle. I would like to see the big money being printed again. But they don’t want you to have cash as it is.

  12. saladdin says:

    What kind of crap is this?

    • Jim says:

      That comment was removed, comment filters can only do so much!

      • saladdin says:

        I know. No way to catch all of it.

        Thanks Jim for the quick action.

        That kind of talk gets me more angry then the thought of getting married.


        • Jerry Jones says:

          Saying the Jews did something isn’t hard. You have to do it the first time and it gets easier. If you only think it, but never say it, it’s not the same. You have to say it and you have to say it to a group of people.
          Saladdin, People that aren’t married are not married for a reason. Being married to a decent woman there is nothing better.

      • Jerry Jones says:

        Jewish refers to a religion like Christianity and Muslims. Can I say Muslims and Christians?

  13. Jerry Jones says:

    Yeah it makes me mad to hear that the Israeli Mossad and our government committed 9/11, because it means we are so controlled. It makes me mad that our FBI have arrested non of the Chosen ones even Larry Silverstein the very one who masterminded 9/11. This dude has a building laced with dynamite prior to 9/11 and the FBI does nothing.

  14. JOE M. says:


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