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New Chase $100 Checking Account Bonus

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ChaseThis promotion has ended.

If you’ve been thinking about opening a checking account at Chase, then they’ve announced a new checking account promotion that is perfect for you. How about $100 to open a checking account with at least $100 in new money to Chase, 5+ debit card transactions in 60 days (or a direct deposit), and keep that account open for 6 months. Then a cool hundred is deposited into your account 10 days after meeting those requirements. This is one of the few promotions that doesn’t require a direct deposit, which is pretty rare.

Here’s are the specifics of what you need to do to get the $100 bonus:

  • Open a new Chase Checking account with at least $100 in money not currently held by Chase or its affiliates. If you have a savings account already, you can’t just open a new checking account and transfer $100 from savings.
  • Within 60 calendar days, you must setup a monthly electronic direct deposit OR have at least five debit purchases posted to your account. Some credit and debit transactions take days to post so if you go the debit card use route, I’d make the fifth purchase by the 45th day to be safe.
  • The $100 checking account bonus will be deposited into your account within 10 business days of meeting the requirements.

It’s a pretty standard checking account promotion offer with one caveat, the account needs to remain open for a minimum of 6 months or the bonus will be taken away. The bonus is reported as interest on a 1099-INT, which is typical, and the Chase Checking account has no monthly service fee if you have a direct deposit or make at least five debit card purchases each statement period (typically a month). If you don’t have a direct deposit or make 5 transactions, then the monthly service fee is $6 per month.

Unfortunately, this offer expires May 28th, 2010 and isn’t available for existing Chase checking customers.


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25 Responses to “New Chase $100 Checking Account Bonus”

  1. mikestreb says:

    I hate Chase lately. Feel like I have to babysit my account. Every month, without fail, there is an erroneous fee or withdrawal (apparently there is a guy in Illinois with the same account number as me, but a different routing number (their words not mine) that keeps having his withdrawals post to my account).

    They have charged me $5 a month for almost 3 years for Quickbooks access (that I have never used).

    Wonder if they will give me $100 for closing my account…

    • Shirley says:

      “Wonder if they will give me $100 for closing my account…”

      🙂 I rather doubt it, but with that much trouble I’d be out of there in a NY minute anyway.

      • mikestreb says:

        They are on the way out. Only problem is, I have a cousin who owes me money and I have my chase account set to take $50/month from his account. Once he is paid off, Chase is gone!

  2. Hannah says:

    Chase had the exact same promotion last year, and I went for it and got the $100 with no problem. It was a pain to remember to make the 5 debit card purchases within the beginning and end dates on the statement. I screwed it up once, but they refunded the monthly fee as a courtesy (I’m sure you can only get away with that the first time). I eventually set up a direct deposit to the account to avoid the fees.

    It has been a year but I still haven’t closed the account r stopped the direct deposit, though I intend to soon. I guess that means they accomplished their goal with the promotion, huh?

    • Shirley says:

      Your last paragraph tells it all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ditto – got $100 last year – acct still open w/ DD.

      Chase was not my primary bank, still is not. I am not sure which goal they achieved in my case (open the acct, keep it active via DD, is on auto-pilot w/$25 paycheck – not much new money for them)

    • Frugal says:

      Ditto here (opened the acct last yr – still open w/$25 DD)

      Chase was not my primary bank, still is not.

      I am not sure what goal chase achieved in my case as it is not my primary bank and not much new money coming in.

      • Same situation with me, I set up a $25 DD, and kept the checking account, but I do actually have a reason… They offer extra bonuses on the Chase Freedom card if you have a checking account. So, it is certainly not my primary bank, but I use the small direct deposits to pay off that credit card occasionally.

  3. jsbrendog says:

    they sent me a card about 6 months ago saying that even if i was already a member i could sign up for a new checking account and if i jumped through their hoops they’d give me something like $175+

    in hindsight I really should’ve jumped on it. their atms really are everywhere in the ny metro area

  4. NateUVM says:

    Is there a link for this offer?

    I don’t usually follow through on signing up, but I tend to check these out as they come through. I just wasn’t able to find this offer on their website, and other (ahem) financial blogs only mention a program that ends….today.

    So, just wondering where to look for this offer.


  5. eric says:

    Am I jaded or lazy? $100 promotions don’t seem as substantial as they used to for me.

    • billsnider says:

      If I dropped a $100 bill on the floor, would you pick it up?

      Your actions (or lack of action) will answer your question.

      Bill Snider

      • Not sure that is really a good example. There is a big difference in the amount of time and effort that goes into opening up a new checking acct, setting up direct deposit, and all the other criteria (plus keeping up with it for 6 months), as opposed to just bending down and picking up a bill. Of course everyone would pick up the bill, but I can totally see eric’s point that it is a lot of work for $100. Still, it is worth it to me, but maybe not to all.

        • Jim says:

          It is a lot of work and probably not worth the effort unless you were planning on opening a Chase Checking account.

  6. BrianC says:

    I get one of these bonuses every year. Even if they ask for direct deposit, I’ve had no problem fulfilling that by doing a monthly ACH push from another bank or brokerage.

  7. savingeverything says:

    they used to give $125. chase still has promotion with Continental airlines to give you 25000 miles with a $25 or $65 annual fee debit card that is required.

  8. MBS says:

    They still often have the $125 one, but that one usually requires direct deposit.

  9. Kate says:

    Yes, but could up upgrade to “Chase Better Banking® Checking” by adding $1500 to checking and then avoid the DD, the 5 debits, and the $6/mo fee for the 6 month “sentence” duration?

  10. Jaye says:

    w00t! Just got my $100.

  11. Jorge says:

    Does anyone out there know of any bank/credit union in the southern california area, who post your withdrawls, instantly. I use to bank with Washington Mutual and always knew when I checked my balance, that it was accurate. Washington Mutual used to post your witdrawls daily via purchases using your debit card. They got swallowed up by the giant that is Chase and now my withdrawls come every few days, so I have to continually keep a running tab in my head to make sure, I never go overwithdraw myself. I am getting tired and I’m ready to run, any suggestions people, outside of keeping my money in a mattress…..lmao
    Thank you

  12. Lyle says:

    I don’t get it. Is the $100 bonus at 60 days or is it at 6 months? And if it’s at 60 days how do they “..take the bonus away..” if you close inside 6 months once you’ve received the $100 bonus(?). Do they send me a bill in the I image Chase will send you a 1099-INT regardless..(?). I would ask my Chase bank branch but I don’t think they have a clue, as I’m getting all kinds of stories starting with the manager to the tellers…lol!

  13. tasha says:

    hey guys i was just wondering if anyone can email me the promo code for the 100 bonus for chase??????omg u guys would be a great help if anyone could email me the promo code for this month and year…please help my kid needs diaper and wipes….ps i have 3 days to get a promo number to my bank rep….thank you and God bless

  14. WiseGuy says:

    Why did I just follow this web-link ,read through all the needed requirements, and start thinking about how I could rearrange all my banking – all for an offer that expired almost Two Years AGO!

  15. terri cornell says:

    Are y there open new accout n atm card

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