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New Home Hiccup – Water/Sewer Bill

When I went home a week ago I saw a little tag on my front door – Water/Sewer Shutoff Notice. I was caught off-guard because I just figured the water/sewer bill was collected yearly by the county along with my taxes. Nope… turns out the bill is mailed every quarter and because I bought my house in the last quarter, the bill was still sent in the original owner’s name. I remember seeing a water item at the settlement table (when I signed my life over to the mortgage companies about thirty million times) but never actually switched it over. The bill was sent to the original owner and instead of sending it to me, he sent it back to the county and now I was dinged a $7.80 late fee. As it turns out, the county will reverse a late fee once every two years so I avoided the late fee but not the minor ten minute detour to the county office. Live and learn.