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New Yorkers Are The Dumbest Drivers

Don’t shoot the messenger!

According to a survey by GMAC, their GMAC Insurance National Drivers test, the dumbest drivers are in New York where the average driving test score was a mere 70.0%. New Jersey wasn’t that far behind with an average test score of 70.5%. The “smartest” drivers were in Kansas (82.3%) and Oregon (82.1%). Here are the results [3] in an interactive app that doesn’t really work all that well.

It’s really an interesting study because they also asked how many people apply makeup while driving, eat while driving, or change their clothes while driving. Change their clothes! Who changes their clothes while driving? Apparently a lot of people do because 2.9% of the respondents in Kansas, the “smartest” drivers, have changed their clothes while driving.

As an aside, the number of people who text while driving is also pretty alarming. Many states have laws against texting while driving. [4]

It only takes a few minutes to pull off to the side of the road to change, yet 3% of people in several states insist on driving at the same time.

Don’t be stupid, don’t change while driving. 🙂

(Photo: jshultz [5])