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No Credit Needed Network

NCN is starting a No Credit Needed Network that seeks to be a sort of support network that will help you reach a particular goal, be it debt repayment (NCN’s original goal), weight loss (NCN’s new goal), or something as pedestrian such as saving money. I think it’s a great idea, especially when it comes to debt repayment, because often times forcing accountability is the best way to ensure you stay on track. You are more likely to continue towards your goal if you know people are watching your progress, commenting on it, and offering words of encouragement.

This is especially important with debt repayment because the sense of community can help bring you up when you feel overwhelmed. While I’ve never had a lot of debt, I know it’s like any other looming problem where it feels as though you’ll collapse under its weight. Whether you have $50 in credit card debt or $50,000, I recommend you giving this support network a look.

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