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NO GEICO Multiple Insurance Discount

I have an auto insurance policy through GEICO and a home insurance policy through Travelers, to whom I was referred to when I requested a home insurance quote through the GEICO website. As it turns out, even though I went through the GEICO website to get the quote and the two are affiliated, I get no discount on either policy because of the other.

It’s understood that when you get multiple insurance policies through the same underwriter, you usually get a discount and it should cost less than if you bought insurance from two separate insurers. This is not the case with Geico because my homeowner’s insurance is technically through another underwriter despite their close ties (Geico doesn’t offer homeowners I suppose).

I was pretty disappointed to hear that and I’ll be shopping around for homeowner’s insurance armed with that knowledge. I doubt there will be much of a change though since my premium is ~$55/mo which is pretty standard for the area. Oh well.