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November ‘06 Net Worth Monthly Review

Welcome to yet another one of these net worth reviews – not quite as comprehensive as Flexo’s corporation-like balance sheets and income statements, but a little more than you’re probably used to hearing from your friends.

November was one of those truly good months in which nothing bad happened – everyone is healthy, the cars are running well, and the house is still in great shape. For all you number lovers, more after the jump.

Net Worth: $161,957.79 (+3.74%)
Retirement Assets: $69,029.34 (+2.26%)

I wrote a few days ago that I was going to contribute 90% of my income into my 401k [3] but unfortunately that didn’t pan out – apparently I didn’t submit the request early enough (I submitted it on the 27th).

So, where did that retirement asset boost come from if not from my own contributions? It came from huge gains by my stock investment in Airtran Airways, which was upgraded by Bear Stearns and spiked up around 20% to around where I bought it. Funny thing is that Bear Stearns was the one that downgraded it in mid-October which led to its drop in the first place.

One thing that was pretty exciting this past month was that it marked the third consecutive month that this site generated more income than my starting salary at my “real” job three years ago. This is part of the reason why I was motivated to investigate whether I could really contribute 90% of my income to my 401(k) and because at this rate I was going to get phased out of being able to contribute to a Roth IRA – something I had already done for 2006.

See you next month!