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Omaha Steak’s Fantastic Feast Assortment Promotion

Omaha Steaks sent me a junk mail promotional offer (I have no idea how they got my name) where you could get about a ton of meat for $50 plus shipping. No joke.

The package was called The Fantastic Feast Assortment (Item 4665LZF), cost a smooth $49.99 (normally $69.99) plus $16.99 shipping, and contained:

Several years ago, I used to see this offer all the time. I never purchased it because it was a ridiculous amount of food for a single person, I doubted the safety of shipping raw meat, and it was expensive. Since then, I’ve received one other shipment of meat (an entire leg of lamb from the American Lamb Board, because of grilling blog Grill Maestro [3]) without incident, quieting my fears of shipping meat. As for the price, at $66.98 it seems fairly priced but how long would it take my wife and me to eat all that meat?

Another thing holding me back is that some of the things in that package I wouldn’t get à la carte. For example, stuffed sole w/ scallops & crabmeat sounds good, but it’s not something I would purchase in the store. Gourmet franks? I would probably go with low fat or reduced fat franks made by Ballpark or Eskay, which you can find for $1 an eight pack during the summer. Burgers? I like to make them myself with some ground beef and my own selection of add-ins. Once I start picking it apart, I think of how I can probably buy the individual items à la carte and save more money that way.

I’m tempted just to order it and see what happens, but I think I just convinced myself not to in writing that previous paragraph. 🙂

I asked Matt at Steadfast Finances [4] if he ever had anything from Omaha Steaks. He said he had a steak a year or two ago.. “I remember saying I wanted it well done because I didn’t trust a steak shipped via Fedex.” Hmmm… I never want a steak well-done.

Has anyone ever ordered meat from Omaha Steaks? Care to share your thoughts on it?