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One Dollar A Day Meals

Would you believe it’s possible to live on only a dollar a day in food? I didn’t. I still wouldn’t, except I saw this “little” project by Christopher Greenslate and Kerri Leonard called the One Dollar Diet Project [3]. As if in a reverse Morgan Spurlock Super-size Me, they were going to live for thirty days on only a dollar a day in food. In true blogger fashion, the two Social Justice teachers blogged about what they did each day in September (Day 1 [4]Day 30 [5]) and it’s gained them [6] quite [7] some [8] notoriety [9] and quite a bit of knowledge. The best part is that they’ve kept on writing about it.

One dollar a day meals seems almost impossible but sometimes just setting the bar that high is enough motivation to make significant changes in your life. An example of this is when I was budgeting diligently right after graduation. I would try to maximize the number of no spend days each month. A no spend day was a day in which I didn’t spend any cash or charge anything to my credit cards. I still “spent” money because I still drove to work and I still ate, but the idea was to create a metric I could use to motivate me to not spend money. My all-time record was eleven days (in a 31 day month) and the longest streak was three days. I believe both metrics were made higher because I was tracking them and competing against myself. It probably saved me a little bit of money too, which was helpful when it came time to make a down payment on a house.

Try setting your own “one dollar a day” goal or a no spend day goal and you’ll certainly benefit from it somehow, someway.