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Opening Treasury Direct Account

In reading learning I-Bonds and Treasury Direct, I felt it important that I actually open a Treasury Direct [3] account even if I didn’t plan on buying any bonds just yet. It’s a quick five minute process and besides the typical personal information, it would be handy to have your driver’s license and your bank information (that you’ll link to the Treasury Direct account). I opted to use my Emigrant Direct [4] account (Name: Emigrant Savings Bank, Routing #: 226070319, it’s important to have the name typed correctly) as the linked bank.

The account opening process was two pages long (the second was just pick a password, a hint, and some security verification questions) and I was surprised that the password could only be a combination of letters and numbers but no big deal. According to the webpage my account was setup and ready to go, less than five minutes! Look in your email inbox for an email with your account number.