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OpenTable – Is There A Catch?

This week is Baltimore’s Restaurant Week, which means that for $30.07 per person, you can enjoy the best that most of Baltimore has to offer each night for a week. With many of the restaurants, the reservations through a site called OpenTable [3], which is free to users but probably not free to restaurants. When you make a reservation via OpenTable, you get 100 Dining points; some reservations, usually for slow periods, are eligible for 1,000 Dining points. You can then take those points and convert them into dining dollars, on a 2,000 to $20 gift certificate basis. So it’s essentially a win-win for the customer, unless there’s a catch. Is there? I couldn’t find one.

OpenTable is available in many major cities and I’m interested to know if there’s something I’m missing because it looks like a no-brainer to me.