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Opt Out of Credit Card Internal Marketing

We recently received a new Privacy Notice from Citi for 2009, which looked a lot like this online form [3], and never really appreciated how marketing happens behind the scenes. I implicitly understood that there was some marketing involved but when it’s all spelled out in a privacy document it can be a little disconcerting because the document pretty much covers every potential type of marketing, not the ones they actually do.

For example, they talk about sharing information with other companies in the Citigroup family thought I’ve never received a solicitation from another company at Citi. They also talk about third party nonaffiliated companies, but I’ve also never received anything there (probably because I opt out of junk mail [4] as part of our do it yourself identity theft protection [5])

Regardless, since we want to reduce all of our junk mail for both environment and identity theft reasons, we wanted to opt out of all this marketing. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way to do this online (at least in the fifteen minutes I spent looking) so we can either fill out the form or call customer service. Since the form would take 30 days and a 44 cent stamp, we’ll be calling 1-888-214-0017.

Citi isn’t alone, this is a standard industry practice, here are a few more privacy statements including how to opt out of the marketing:

If your credit card issuer isn’t on the list, just type “[credit card issuer’s name] privacy policy” into Google and it should be one of the first few results. Then look for “opt-out” or “preferences” in the document, it should give you instructions on how to change your preferences.

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