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Optimizing Medical and Auto Insurance

One of the things I’ve been looking at lately, given the upcoming wedding, was how to optimize our insurance policies because, as we all know, multi-policy discounts are one of the best ways to get a discount. Two auto insurance policies with one insurer generally costs less than two separate auto insurance policies with two different insurers. In actuality, only the medical and auto insurance policies can be optimized because you don’t really share any others. Anyway, I was taking a look at our options and here’s what I came up with.

Auto insurance
This one will probably yield the biggest savings. When you decide to combine two auto insurance policies onto one, you get savings because of two reasons: You are statistically less risky because you’re married and the multiple policy discount. When you do optimize your auto insurance, you should do more than just add coverage to your policy (or add coverage to your spouse’s policy). You should start the whole auto insurance purchasing process over again and get multiple quotes so that you can compare. Two of those quotes should be adding you to your spouse’s policy and you adding your spouse to your own policy.

Medical insurance
Theoretically, given no prior negative medical history, one of you will simply go on the other’s policy for some quick savings. For example, my fiancee right now gets free health insurance and would also get free insurance for me if she were to add me to her policy after we are married. That’s clearly the easiest way to go… but there is another option available. If she were to add me to her policy and I were to add her to my policy, we’d get double the coverage. How is this valuable? This is most valuable if you expect to use your insurance a lot because it increases your lifetime limits. In such a strategy, I would submit claims against my insurer first and if they exceeded the lifetime or annual limits, I’d start all over with her insurance plan. The same would work in the reverse.

Are there other insurance policies you can optimize after marriage? Those were the only two I could think of.