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OptionsHouse Free Electronics Promotions (Amazon Kindle Fire, Dell Monitor)

Remember when a brokerage would give you a hundred free trades if you opened up an account with them? I never did any of those because a hundred trades was useless to me, especially since the offer expired a month after you opened the account (or some other super short time period). Well it turns out that brokerages are wising up to what consumers want and instead of a bazillion free trades, they’re now offering cold hard electronics (or cash). This time, the promotion is from OptionsHouse and it’s for:

If none of those strike your fancy, you can still get the 100 commission-free trades [5] (Promocode FREE100) too.

To get the free electronics or trades, you simply have to open an OptionsHouse account with at least $10,000 in a cash or margin account and make 15 commissionable trades within 90 days after funding your new account. OptionsHouse trades cost $3.95 a trade so if you make 15 trades, that’s $59.25 in commissions. Also, based on what you do trade, you may lose money from your investments.

Dell Monitor Promotion

For the monitor promotion, the more you deposit, the larger the monitor. For the Dell E Series 23″ monitor, you need to deposit at least $10,000 using promocode DELL23. For the Dell UltraSharp 27″ monitor, you have to fund at least $100,000 using promocode DELL27. And for the Dell UltraSharp 30″ you need to fund at least $250,000 using promocode DELL30.

How Much Are The Products Worth?

You can look up the retail value but OptionsHouse will debit your account if you don’t meet the 180-day funding requirements:

Be sure to read the terms & conditions for eligibility and other promotion rules (such as the 180-day funding requirement).

Are They Worth It

That’s really up to you to decide since the requirements will require you to pay commissions on top of the tax liability you will owe when OptionsHouse mails you a 1099 for the electronics. The listed price is somewhere in the neighborhood of the listed MSRP, which will vary from product to product. The price is pretty close on the Kindle Fire HD but on the Dell monitors, the listed price is higher. Dell is selling the Dell UltraSharp U2711 27″ Monitor with PremierColor for $749.99, though OptionsHouse will send you a 1099 for $1,099.99.

No such thing as a free lunch!