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Your Take: Do You Owe Anything for Free Sporting Event Tickets?

Here’s a good question for you sports fans out there – Do you owe your friend a beer if he takes you to a game? [3] The basic gist is that someone (James) wrote in that he sometimes gets tickets to games from his employer and when he takes a friend, he expects the friend to buy him two beers. Drew Magary, always an entertaining and outspoken writer, responded that he shouldn’t expect it because James was getting them for free from work (and if the tickets are to see the Golden State Warriors… I would agree!).

Personally, I can see it from both sides. As the giver of tickets, I don’t think you can ever expect anything. You can’t give gifts and expect something in return, that’s just a bad way to go about life because, honestly, you’ll be met with a lot of disappointment. People don’t appreciate things that are free, they appreciate things they have to pay for.

As the recipient of tickets, you should buy your friend some beers. You don’t need to buy as much as the value of the tickets but some sort of thank you would be nice and a couple beers is cheap relative to many tickets. James cited $425 NBA tickets and while I suspect there are probably more $20 baseball tickets than $425 NBA tickets, it’s still more expensive than a $7 beer. The only exception to this is if you get tickets to a box where the food and drink are free… then you’re both making out like bandits anyway and griping about beers is like stealing ball point pens during a bank robbery.

What do you think? Do you owe a beer to a friend if he gets you free tickets? Do you expect a beer or some free food?

(Photo Credit: bryce_edwards [4])