Frugal Living 

21 earth-friendly ways to save on Earth Day


Earth Day is a great time to remember what we can do to help “green” the planet. These suggestions have dual benefits; they contribute to environmentally friendliness, but they also save us money. Let’s take a look at some everyday ideas you can implement around the home, outside and at work.
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 Personal Finance 

How to confess financial infidelity


Financial infidelities — like hiding a shopping spree or gambling away home equity — can blow up a relationship, but they’re surprisingly common.

About 42% of people who share bank accounts with a partner admitted to cheating financially, according to Harris Poll funded by the National Endowment for Financial Education.

  • 22% hid a minor purchase.
  • 20% hid cash.
  • 12% hid a bill.
  • 6% hid a bank account.
  • 7% hid a major purchase.

Cheaters who own up to transgressions and work through money problems often improve their relationship, says Tina Tessina, author of Money, Sex, and Kids: Stop Fighting about the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage.
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 Frugal Living 

6 Ways to save on your spring break road trip

Toy car, money and calculator over white. Concept for buying, re

With gas prices slated to remain at the current level or even dip a little, loading the family into the car and taking them on the interstate to explore and relax on a road trip makes perfect sense.

You won’t pay extra no matter how many passengers you have, there are no luggage fees and even Fido rides for free. You can stop whenever and wherever you want. It’s the ideal way to take a vacation.
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 Frugal Living 

Turn your discarded cell phone into an asset

Turn a cell phone into an asset
March 17, 2016

When we buy new cell phones many of us hang on to our old ones. We rationalize that if the new one leaves us in the lurch, we still have a handset we can use. But after numerous upgrades, the pile of electronics taking up unnecessary space in our homes reaches critical mass. Then it’s time to properly get rid of what was at one time the latest and greatest technology.
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 The Home 

Hire a mover who won’t break the bank

February 23, 2016
Let’s face it, sometimes you have to pay professionals to get your household goods to your next residence.

You simply may not have the time, ability or inclination to do it yourself.

No matter what the reason, don’t think you have to pay top dollar just because you’ve contracted a professional mover. There are ways to cut your costs.

If you can plan the date of your move, experts say that mid-month sometime between September and April will be the least expensive times.

Summer is very popular for moving because the kids are out of school so because of supply and demand movers can get the best rates then.

Also, if at all possible schedule the mover ahead of time. Some charge more for last minute bookings. has some other tips to not only save you money, but also get your belongings to their destination unscathed.
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 Frugal Living 

9 ways to save on pet care costs


February 13, 2016
Expenses for pampered pups and coddled cats add up quickly.

The best food for our finicky four-legged friends racks up the dollar signs at the grocery store checkout counter. And a trip to one of the pet franchises can easily blow your budget.

If they get sick, the veterinarian bills skyrocket.

But we adore these guys. They greet us when we come home, and shower us with unconditional love. Some even crawl into our lap while we watch TV. We tend to want what’s best for them.

It is possible to take good care of Lassie and Garfield without breaking the bank. Here’s how.

Spay or neuter.

Besides being the correct thing to do to cut down on the unwanted animal population, you thwart all kinds of behaviors that can set you back financially.

After our collie was neutered, he quit “marking” his territory throughout the house saving on cleaning expenses like extra rolls of paper towels, disinfectant and carpet cleaning.

Pets who haven’t been spayed or neutered are more aggressive towards other dogs and cats, leaving you open to vet bills for someone else’s companion.
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 Personal Improvement 

Learn a second language on the cheap


February 3, 2016
One of my relatives believed the Russians planned to take over the United States in the 1950’s, so she decided to learn their language.

She took all the classes offered and then to further her skill, she volunteered at a local Russian community center.

That worked for her. And she learned to make the best piroshky.

Now, though the fear of another country running our government has diminished, speaking and understanding Spanish, Korean, Japanese or any other language benefits us in many ways.

For me, knowing Spanish helps me communicate with many of my service providers.

When you’re in the market to change careers or better your current one, a second language improves your job prospects.

Studies show that while learning another tongue, you develop better mental health and stave off dementia. The process helps you get comfortable with other cultures. And when you’re fluent, you feel successful.

If you want to learn another language, you don’t have to buy expensive books, audio tapes or take costly classes. Try some or all of these methods instead.
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 Bank Deals 

Whether you’re a novice saver or seasoned investor, here’s where to find winter’s best CD rates

January 24, 2016
Ever since the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates in 2008 to lessen the blow of the Great Recession, it’s been hard to earn much on your savings.

The Fed finally began raising rates last month. But since banks are slow to react, and more substantial hikes by the Fed will be rolled out slowly over the next several years, better yields are still ahead of us.

So where should you put your hard-earned cash in the meantime?

With the typical savings account paying a pathetic 0.10% APY, it’s definitely worth your time to find higher-paying options, such as certificates of deposit.

Nationally available bank CDs are paying as much as 2.30% APY this winter, while credit unions and community banks are offering local deals that pay nearly 3% APY.

There are also a number of strategies for smart CD investing, like starting out with small, regular investments or choosing a CD that allows you to earn a higher return if rates go up.

Let’s begin with the banks offering the best nationally available deals on three of the most popular CD terms: 1 year, 2 years and 5 years.
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