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PageOnce Review: Mobile Money Management

PageOnce [3] is a personal finance management tool and one of the companies I met at Finovate Fall 2010 [4]. I think one of the reasons why I hadn’t heard of them before is because I don’t have a “smart” phone. Unfortunately, the Palm Centro just doesn’t stack up against iPhones, Android and other brilliant cellular devices.

That said, the features offered by PageOnce’s mobile application outshines a lot of what others are currently doing. Here’s a shot of their latest version on a Windows Mobile phone:

I’m a sucker for two things: Simplicity and elegance, this delivers both and it doesn’t even do the features justice. For each of those items you can drill down and see transaction data, line item by line item. You can manage your entire account through the mobile phone.

An FYI, one thing I learned about mobile apps while talking to the CEO of Wonga [5], they are more secure than the computer because each phone is unique to an individual. The account has all their personal data and so this 1-to-1 mapping, or certainly closer to that than a PC, makes for a more secure environment (when you add to it the high levels of data encryption).

What separates PageOnce? Whereas most personal finance management tools are web-centric with a mobile app, PageOnce is first a mobile personal finance management tool. It has a website, which makes data entry a little easier (full keyboards have that effect), but the number one priority is the mobile application. From what I can tell with their demos (I have a Palm Centro, not exactly a cutting edge smart phone), they have the most functional mobile application out of any of the PFM companies. You can do everything through the mobile application.

Finally, as is the case with all PFM, the value really is in alerts. While I haven’t kept up to date on what PFM packages offer in terms of alerts, PageOnce certainly has a wide array of potential alerts you can pick from. You have the standard “you’re near your limit” types of alerts, to help you avoid NSF and over the limit fees, but they also give alerts like changes in APR and changes in credit limit.

It’s pretty awesome what they’ve been able to provide in their mobile application. If you have a smartphone, I encourage you to take a look at their offering and let me know what you think!