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Paid Reviewing Site Review Me Launched

ReviewMe [3] is another one of those “pay to review something” sites that have begun popping up online recently with the huge popularity of blogging, buzz generation, and the desire by many bloggers to score a little extra dough. Well, I signed up for the mailing to find out when Review Me was going to go live and tonight I received an email.

I’m not entirely sure whether or not I’ll like ReviewMe or writing posts in which I was paid for writing it (though I will always keep my objectivity, if something sucks I’ll tell you it sucks, but I don’t really like badmouthing things) but the way I figure it, I’ll sign up, if something piques my interest then I’ll write about it. If nothing piques my interest, I’ll just let it go.

So far though the blogger administrative interface is pretty easy to navigate (not that many features), which is a huge plus. Within a few minutes I had my blog registered and I was given an offer to be paid to write about ReviewMe (this is a paid post). I honestly have no idea though how to read the system yet to understand how much I’m being paid for this but I figure introducing another stream of income to the community is helpful anyway. This may be an excellent way for younger bloggers, and young site owners in general, to monetize quickly and pay for hosting.

I’m not advocating that you go out and sign up for this as I’ve barely used it (it’s not going on my list of 25+ tips [4] yet) but I think it’s worth at least a look.