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Painting Your House

One of the first things most people do when they buy a new home is to repaint some of the rooms. In the house I bought, many of the rooms were already freshly painted (including a great red room that has grown on me, I’m a huge fan of red) but my girlfriend insisted that we paint some of them. I’d never painted any of my rooms in college (when I lived in a fraternity) or either of my two previous apartments because the walls weren’t mine. My work was going to go towards someone else’s stuff… but now that I have a house, I’m painting my walls.

As I mentioned before, most of the walls were freshly painted because that’s one of the big suggestions that most real estate agents give to help boost the price of the house. A fresh coat of paint works wonders, it can lighten a room, it can give it a more modern look, and it can make the room look a lot larger depending on the color.

One of the smallest rooms in the house is the powder room on the first floor, no larger than 3 feet by maybe 6 feet (this is my best guess, having never measured it), it was originally painted a dark red with a metallic gray sort of wavy sheen on it. It looked kinda cool but it made the room look tiny. My girlfriend picked up two little buckets from the Home Depot Oops section ($1 each!) and we painted it a light green color that made the room seem much larger.

We’ve also started a larger paint project involving the master bedroom. She said the room looked like a cheap hotel room, I thought it looked classy hotel room. Anyway, it had dated wallpaper underneath the chair rail and a strange blue with metallic sheen (detecting a trend?) above the rail. Her mother was kind enough to come over and help her paint it yesterday and they managed to cover nearly two of the larger walls. It already looks twenty times better – though I would’ve been fine with the original for a little while longer.

All told we have three larger buckets of paint (about $55, after some Behr rebates) but the value we get out of painting our room is unquantifiable.

PS. I don’t like raking because it seems like trees never run out of leaves.

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