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Best Part Time Jobs for College Students

A peek at my Social Security statement online [3] brought back some fond memories of part time jobs I’d held during college. Back then, it was pretty awesome to sit in an office somewhere on a work study job and get paid $7 an hour to do basically nothing. I worked in an IT department doing nothing more than collect time cards, I did some TA work grading tests and holding office hours that no one attended, and I did a bunch of random things online that involve buying stuff on sale and reselling for more on eBay (including selling some software that scraped eBay for sale listings).

Sadly, looking back, that time was probably better spent making a search engine or a social network.

That said, it’s always fun to see what the “experts” say are good part time jobs for students, this time it’s Kiplinger [4] and they listed:

Most are prized because you can make a few dollars and it’s flexible work, so you can fit it around your class schedule. Personally, looking back, I think that, if you can afford to (huge if!), you should only take on part time jobs that can offer you more than money. Being a restaurant server will likely not provide benefits beyond pay, so I don’t think it’s a great option. If you can intern at a company where you can learn something useful in your career, then that’s one that you should pursue.

Lastly, your first job in college should be to graduate as soon as possible with as high grades as possible. 🙂