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Your Take: Would You Pay $5 to Go Into a Store?

One of the big problems many retailers face is the issue of “showrooming.” That’s when customers go to your store to check out products but then leave to buy them online, where they are cheaper. There are plenty of smartphone apps that will do the online search for you after you snap a photo of the bar code, that way you know whether or not it’s available for cheaper online. I do this all the time using an app called ShopSavvy.

So I laughed when I saw this article [3] about an Australian store charging $5 per person who enters the store. You get the $5 back if you purchase something. I think it’s foolish, no one is going to pay a cover to go into a store. 🙂

What do you think of this grand plan?

(Photo Credit: matteson.norman [4])