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Pay It Forward & Treat Everyone Like A Good Friend

The general idea of “pay it forward” is one that’s been discussed very often on the Internets but finds its origins back in the days of Benjamin Franklin [3], if not earlier (and simply not recorded). In general, the idea is that you do a good deed for someone else and then that person does it for someone else and then that person (or multiply it and do three good deeds)… you get the idea. There’s no expectation of return or anything like that, you just keep the good love flowing. I believe this Heineken commercial is a play off that idea (or it’s just a good analogy):

I think we need to extend the idea and simply treat everyone as if they were a good friend. Good friends do favors for each other without any expectations of a return. Good friends treat each other with respect and give each other grief. If you treat everyone like a friend and they do the same, the world would be a better place.

Time to grab a beer!