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Paying Maryland Estimated Taxes Online

You may have read a couple weeks ago about how I was going to start paying quarterly estimated taxes [3], well this weekend I realized that in addition to the federal estimated income tax, I was going to have to start paying Maryland estimated income taxes as well – something that entirely skipped my mind until this weekend. Luckily I thought of this the weekend before the due date and not the weekend after (since I’ll be in China), but I also discovered that the process for paying the Maryland estimated income tax is actually really painless and, if you already setup an account with the Maryland tax filing website, only takes about two minutes. It’s so easy, a caveman could do it.

So, this morning, I logged onto Maryland Taxes [4], went through the reset password process (they ask you your SSN, name, birthday, and security question which is probably your mother’s maiden name), and scheduled four regular payments. They don’t give you a way to calculate your estimated taxes, you can use the regular Form 502D for that, and the form only has you enter in four amounts, four dates, and your bank debit information; can’t get easier than that!

If you want to go the stone age route, the form is sparse, with only a worksheet to help you calculate your payment amounts, and doesn’t have any vouchers. I assume that when you send it in along with your first payment, they’ll send you vouchers for the next three payments, but I don’t know for sure. Either way, by doing it online you save yourself four stamps and four envelopes (and really some headache in remembering the payments), which helps out the environment.

If you still want to go old school, the form you’ll want is Form 502D [5].