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Paying US Bills When Living Abroad

I have a friend of mine who is going to be moving to and working in England for the next two years and sent me a question I had never before researched or read about before. A brief look online didn’t yield much in the way of answers because most of them focused on the mechanics (my friend can just send a check to her mother) and less on trying to reduce the financial burden of handling all those transactions so I’m at a loss as to what to suggestion.

She essentially will be paring down to two financial obligations: credit card(s) and student loans. In both cases, she really can’t eliminate them to reduce the burden of exchange rates and exchange fess. Currently her plan, until she finds an alternative, is to send checks in pounds sterling back to her mother and she’ll take care of paying the bills.

So, once again, I turn to the very resourceful readers for guidance: Does anyone have experience with this sort of issue and have any suggestions as to what she should and could do? Thanks! (from her and from me!)