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Personal Finance Blog Tickers

Sometimes, in talking to people, I refer to Blueprint for Financial Prosperity as BFP. It’s just easier and some people know what I’m talking about. Unlike many other personal finance blogs, BFP doesn’t coincide with a stock ticker. (In a quick Google Finance search, the only result that comes up is for the British Property Federation [3], a lobbying firm)

However, many popular personal finance blogs’ acronymed names are tickers… and here are some of them:

As you can see, almost all of them are down… which means if you owned shares of BFP, that is, shares of nothing, you would’ve come out ahead over every other personal finance blog out there so keep reading my blog. If you’re comfortable with that logic, excellent, we can be friends! 🙂

I couldn’t get every blog I know involved (some didn’t have tickers, like myself) so if you weren’t included, feel free to look yourself up and leave a little recap in the comments below!

(Photo: rodluvan [24])