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Personal Finance for College Students Series

After a fruitful five years of college, I was fortunate to be one of the few who escaped with a reasonable amount of student loan debt (~$25,000), zero credit card debt, and degrees that made it easier for me to find gainful employment in an otherwise difficult job hunting season (Spring of 2003). I didn’t become interested in personal finance until a few years later, coinciding with the creation of this blog, but I had luckily and inadvertently built a solid foundation onto which to apply that learning and new found interest. That being said, looking back with 20-20 vision, I think that there are many things a college student can do that will make their lives much easier in the decades after graduation.

If you’ve made your way here and will be attending or are currently enrolled in college, you are much farther along in your financial maturity that I ever was. Hopefully I can impart some of the wisdom I’ve gained with the benefit of years (only a few) and hindsight.

The topics I’ll tackle will try to be most relevant to the college-aged crowd (establishing credit, handling credit cards, basic budgeting, furnishing an apartment, and much much more!) and some may seem pretty basic for those of you who are connoisseurs of blogs (I see readers of blogs as trying to squeeze knowledge like water out of a stone – blogs are probably the final frontiers in terms of valuable knowledge so I commend you!) but often we forget that when we’re learning something new, it’s not the difficulty of the topic that trips us up but that we didn’t even know the topic existed.

So, I welcome you to join us, both as a passive reader and an active contributor, as I try to dispense small golden nuggets of wisdom about personal finance for college students.

This article is the introductory post (and the index) of a new series I’ve started called Personal Finance for College Students [3] (PF College).

    Getting A Job After Graduation

  1. Always Keep Your Resume Updated [4]
  2. Use Student Loans for School Only! [5]
  3. Credit

  4. Establish Credit Early! [6]
  5. Get A Credit Card [7]
  6. Investing & Retirement

  7. Start Thinking About Roth IRAs [8]
  8. Frugality

  9. Don’t Buy Nice New Stuff [9]
  10. How To Make Saving A Habit [10]
  11. Use Your College Facilities [11]