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Personal Finance Foundation Series

The Personal Finance Foundation Series [3] will be a series of posts that will cover the foundations of personal finance. It will cover the various financial topics that each person should become familiar with and it’ll do so with nearly zero assumptions about your experience with money and managing money. My aim in doing so is to help you all understand the topics that many of us have learned through lessons from our family and friends, from books, and from, mostly, trial and error. As posts are written, I’ll link to them below.

The impetus for this series grew from talking to my friends. Many would very kindly recommend my site to their friends as a way to learn more about personal finance. The only problem was that their friends would become discouraged because the front page is subjected to my musings about personal finances. If you aren’t even sure about the difference between a checking account and a savings account isn’t going to find value in reading my experiences buying a house or what I thought about a bank account.

Starting this week, I’ll be posting posts as part of the Foundation Series, the first being on banking.