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Personal Finance Weekend Reading

Here’s some good posts from the past week you should check out this weekend if you have the time:

Free Money Finance has a great tip for the frugal ones out there, check out the discount racks and bins for great deals [3]. My girlfriend and I were shopping and saw boxes of whole wheat brand named pasta (Barilla I think) on clearance (I guess they weren’t too popular) and snagged them up.

Five Cent Nickel is having his (or should I say his lovely and talented wife) moving sale [4] today in preparation for a big move.

All Things Financial is having some legal woes regarding his name [5]. If you have any advice, we’re all ears. And, while he has changed the title of his blog, I’m not. I can call his blog whatever I want. 🙂

Mighty Bargain Hunter has some ideas for what to do with that fat tax refund [6].

Consumerism Commentary stresses the importance of financial education as a means of overcoming the sobering stat that 9 in 10 affluent families lose their fortunes within 3 generations [7].