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Petition Against HR 4127 – Data Accountability and Trust Act

Congress is considering passing HR 4127 which would impose a weak federal standard of notification in the event of a security breach and identity theft. This bill is currently weaker than the types of laws in place on the state level in many states and would be a backwards step in protecting the American people. According to ConsumersUnion.org, if this bill were law then over eighty of the security breaches reported this year would’ve gone unreported! If you have a moment, read this letter to the Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection [3] outlining why this bill is weak and why it’s a step backwards in privacy protections. And if you’re interested in reading the bill itself, it can be found at thomas.loc.gov [4].

Currently, the ConsumersUnion.org has a petition that can you sign [5] (electronically) so you can let your representative know how you feel about this bill.