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PFBlogs.org – Ad-Free Aggregator

There was once an ad-free RSS aggregator at PFBlogs.com and it was a nice resource because it put a whole lot of feeds in once place. Blueprint’s feed was there too and I have no problem with someone republishing summaries of my feed as long as they don’t try to take advantage of me. One day, PFBlogs.com put on Google Ads and it bothered me because he was using my content (and the content of a lot of other bloggers) without permission (I was never asked whether I wanted it or not). I’ve asked him to remove the feed and he’s done so.

Well, there’s another ad-free alternative now located at PFBlogs.org [3] that has a whole ton of feeds available for your consumption. It has no ads, it doesn’t take advantage of the wealth of knowledge personal finance bloggers provide, and it’s entirely free to use.

If you’re a blogger, check out PFBlogs.com to see if he’s republishing your content without your permission and making money from your work. If it bothers you, let him and know he’ll take it off.

If you’re not a blogger, check out PFBlogs.org [3] and you might find a few new faces that you may enjoy reading.