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PFCollege: Splurge Now, Save Later

If you were like me, you probably had some odd jobs in college to earn a few extra dollars and you’re probably wondering what you should do with them. Should you open up a Roth? Should you start that emergency fund? How about some stock or a Treasury bill?

Well, I think you should spend the money. Don’t spend all of it, definitely put a little bit away for a rainy day, but you should spend it. Why? You’re young and you’re banking that much coin so it really won’t make a tremendous difference down the road if you saved the few bucks you did earn in a Roth or if you spent it on beer or a game or whatever it is you’re into. Sure there are those calculators that say $100 when you’re 20 will equal $2,453,441.88 when you’re 65 but you’re only 20 once. When your friends want to go out, go out; don’t tell them you’re saving up your money so you can fully fund your Roth.

$2,453,441.88 won’t seem like crap if you end up a boring old dude without any fun. 🙂

This article is part of a series I started a while back called Personal Finance for College Students [3] (hence, PF College).