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PFHour #26: Financial Rules of Thumb

It’s Monday and that means we have another episode of the Personal Finance Hour [3] where JD of Get Rich Slowly [4] and I will discuss financial rules of thumb [5]. I’ve always believed that rules of thumb are a good way to get a quick handle on a decision but it can’t be your only handle. You need to do a proper analysis of the situation before you make a decision. We’ll discuss a lot of rules of thumb from saving 10% of your salary to asset allocation according to age (yep, the 120 minus your age rule will certainly be featured).

The show will be on live at 6PM Eastern, 3PM Pacific and will be broadcast at this page [6], if you want to listen to it (it’s also recorded, so you can go to that page to listen in after it airs). As always, you can call in and listen live at 347-327-9144 to chat with us or just listen in the background.

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