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pfPicks: Like A Phoenix, Roundups Reborn!

A year or so ago, I’d do weekly roundups highlighting some personal finance articles that I really enjoyed each week. Sometime within the last year, I fell behind and soon abandoned these articles because I felt like they weren’t adding much value. Well, over the last few weeks, a few new readers have told me that they discovered Bargaineering from roundups on other sites.

So, I’ve decided to bring these Weekly Roundups back in order to share with you some other websites I personally enjoy and hope that you will to. These will be once weekly and I will try not to link to the same sites because that really doesn’t help you find new and fun places to spend your valuable time.

And yes, that’s a Pontiac Firebird. It’s not a Phoenix, but it’s close enough!

Know Your Rights: Credit Card Minimum Purchases [3]. This week, I was quoted by David Seaman for an article on Main Street, TheStreet.com’s personal finance site. The article covered a practice by some stores to require a minimum purchase before you can use a credit card. The article does a good job of explaining what issuers permit when it comes to minimum purchases and what you can do if you run into a problem.

How to Save Money for Christmas in a Short Amount of Time [4]. It’s not even Halloween and the Christmas creep has his GenXFinance! Jeremy shares some excellent tips on how to save money for the holiday spending spree starting right now.

The Pitfalls of Buying in Bulk. [5] This is a guest post on Get Rich Slowly that covers why buying in bulk might not be the best thing in the world. I’m a fan of buying in bulk when it makes sense but Sierra makes excellent points on why you might be making a bad decision going bulk.

Bed, Bath and Beyond Coupons Never Expire! [6] SVB at The Digerati Life shares a tip that most people don’t know… Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons never expire. They have expiration dates but they don’t mean a thing. Cat’s out of the bag!

That concludes this week’s roundup, I hope you get a chance to check out the sites. Let them know that I sent you and they’ll probably give you a yearly subscription for free!

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