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I saw that David was sharing photos of his Work From Home office and thought that it would be fun to give you all a peek into what my office looks like. First, before I show you, I have to say that my office isn’t nearly as clean as David’s. Mine looks like a veritable explosion of paper, books, electronics, and just random messiness. My mom, who reads this blog, is probably going to call me up after she sees this just to tell me to clean up because it’s an absolute disaster.

That being said, there is a bit of organization within the chaos, and I’ll explain everything!

This is my main work area, with the bulk of my working papers to the left of my desk. The computer on the right, when on, is streaming CNBC online whenever I’m in the mood to be watching the news. The two monitors in the middle are where most of the magic of Bargaineering happens. The smaller one is a Dell laptop. The larger monitor is connected to the laptop and extends the screen so I have more room to work my craft. Somewhere underneath all those papers is yet a third Thinkpad that I use as my mobile workstation (for those keeping score, on that table, I have more computers than hands) And above all the computers are photos of my lovely wife. 🙂

By the way, if you work with computers all day, you should demand you get two monitors. There are studies that show having two monitors greatly improves your productivity and I couldn’t work as well without a second monitor.

This second shot is to the left of the one above and is mostly of my bookshelf, which is chock full of books. That stack of books on the ledge? Those are books that publishers sent me that I told them I’d look at. I will, eventually, get to reviewing them but I’m not a fast or a voracious reader so the backlog seems to keep growing. Five of those books are for the Jim O’Donnell The Shortest Investment Book ever giveaway so I want credit for them. 🙂

If you look behind them, there are about six bottles of scotch that we (really I) picked up after our trip to London last Thanksgiving. It’s all in the name of research for my scotch blog, Scotch Addict. (No, I’m not claiming them as tax deductions) Please note how sad the New York Mets hat is in the corner.

This is just a shot of the view out my window. I had to quit my corporate job to get a window office but it was totally worth it. 🙂

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27 Responses to “Photos of “Work From Home” Office”

  1. David says:

    Very nice Jim – but man, that mess, how do you find anything! 😉

  2. Sheila says:

    Good, productive looking setup. It’s nice to get a glimpse of where the magic happens. 🙂

  3. Claude says:

    Hi Jim

    Where can I get a workstation like yours? Lastly, how can you work on papers when desk space is almost all taken? Do you have a table somewhere else?


    • jim says:

      It’s just a Dell Inspiron 6400 I picked up a year ago when they were clearing it out for new models. The monitor? I think I got it in part of a desktop deal, the whole package was under $500. Just keep watching Dell for sales, they have them all the time.

      The computer to the right? That’s some old computer struggling to run windows and media player. 🙂

      • Claude says:

        Jim-Sorry, I meant the desk arrangement. That what I meant by workstation. I’m looking to arrange my office in a similar way


      • MoneyNing says:

        I was thinking whether Claude was really asking about the desk when you started talking about your computer gigs 🙂

        Thanks Claude for clearing it (and my sanity) up!!

        Nice setup btw! I think David at MyTwoDollars has his desk like that because he probably isn’t working. My desk is just as messy!

  4. tom says:

    why do you have 3 different workstations?lap top and two monitors?

  5. nice setup there. I know you might say its messy, but hey, if its working for you then thats all that matters. For me I need clean, organized to be totally productive while others I work with have tornadoes hitting their desks that would scare many but are perfect for them…thanks for sharing a piece of your private life!

  6. My Journey says:

    If you need help on the scotch blog you let me know! I’d be happy to taste and opine! One more time – MORE THAN HAPPY TO HELP!

  7. CK says:

    Jim your half-assed 2 monitors are a start but you need an upgrade for real productivity.

    • jim says:

      Hahahaha, yeah, I was thinking about upgrading to a desktop with two DVI-outs but I didn’t know what to do with the laptop I had… I feel wasteful if I swap it out with the thing still working.

      • Dave says:

        I had two 19 inch monitors at work and upgraded to a single 26 inch – it was much nicer not having to bounce between screens and I had enough room to keep several windows open at a time. I mostly worked with giant spreadsheets, so it was extremely helpful to me.

        • Scott Hedrick says:

          I do a lot of cut-and-paste. More than once I messed up my original document because I got confused as to which window was which. I recently got a second monitor and it is truly amazing how much faster I can produce documents. I got the second monitor because it’s also a television set- I had a television next to the monitor and now I can do more work and still have the television if I don’t need a monitor. A third monitor won’t make much difference. I saw a picture of Al Gore using 3 30″ monitors- after a certain size (mine are 19″) I believe productivity would go down because you spend too much time looking for the right window.

      • Jackson says:

        Put the laptop in the bathroom and you’ll always have something to read…

        …of course if you do that we’ll always be wondering where you’re really posting from 🙂

  8. We use dual screens at work, I love it. At home I own two 20″ flat panels but only use one. Not enough room. If you think that is messy, you should see my desk. The only time I can’t find stuff is when I clean up!

  9. Peter says:

    I find it very interesting to see where other people are posting from. You and David both seem to have pretty good views out your windows. My setup on the other hand doesn’t have nearly as good a view since the window is an egress window – so i see a cement pit. Oh well, whatever works!

  10. Glenn Lasher says:

    It looks nicer than mine, as far as the “explosion of stuff” issue goes.

    My side-line job (I also work a regular 9-to-5 type job) is as a house-call computer consultant. From where I am sitting right now, I can see:
    – various electronics tools
    – two partially assembled computer towers
    – three fully-assembled computer towers
    – A cable organizing kit that is half-deployed
    – The cables it will be organizing 🙂
    – A photo tripod
    – Two cameras
    – Scanner/fax/printer
    – Radio scanner
    – Two ham radios
    – Turntable (i.e. to play vinyl records)
    – Digital camera bundled up to go to another Freecycle user
    – DTV converter
    – 8″ TV
    – Personal cell phone
    – Work cell phone
    – Poinsettia that the missus put here to get better light
    – Big stack of DVDs
    – Bucket of cables
    – Telephone
    – Trophies won in public speaking contests
    – . . .

    Honestly, Jim, I wish I was as organized as you appear to be.

  11. x says:

    my hats share in your sadness…hopefully it will not be a repeat of a reapeat this season. also, nice setup, however, i am with dave, i recently went to a 24 inch widescreen and am finding it provides a great deal of workspace. just a thought

  12. Eric N. says:

    Pretty cool! Nice to see where the work happens. 😀

  13. I totally second the recommendation for two monitors. I’ve asked for one at work for several years, but it never happened. Recently our agency was gifted with a grant to buy all new computers and I made sure two monitors was on my wish list. Within the first hour I could see just how more productive I could be not having to switch from screen to screen, instead opening one program in one window, and work from the other. Especially helpful since I’m putting together documentation for our accounting system so I can get screenshots and paste into a Word doc. I love my two screens and can’t wait until I can get two setup at home.

  14. thomas says:

    Your desk makes me feel better about mine.

  15. Start-Up says:

    Any chance you’ll be giving away scotch instead of books any time soon?

    My workstation at home consists of a recliner and a laptop that’s 7 years old. YIKES

  16. Brad says:

    I am so glad that I splurged for dual 24 inch monitors (refurbished from CompUSA) last fall. It has made my work at home much easier!

    It is also useful when I work from home, since my screen here (even on one screen) than my work computer. I wish I could get a large screen there, or dual screens. I would even buy it myself.

    One thing that may not be thought of is elevating your monitors. It looks like at least one (is that on a laptop?) is much too low. I need to raise mine higher. I believe the guide is to have your eyes at the top 1/3 of the screen. I suspect that may help with some next pain I have been having lately.


    • Jim says:

      Yeah, the one is much lower because it’s a laptop, though I might get a stand for it to elevate it. Thanks for the tip!

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