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Photos of “Work From Home” Office

I saw that David was sharing photos of his Work From Home office [3] and thought that it would be fun to give you all a peek into what my office looks like. First, before I show you, I have to say that my office isn’t nearly as clean as David’s. Mine looks like a veritable explosion of paper, books, electronics, and just random messiness. My mom, who reads this blog, is probably going to call me up after she sees this just to tell me to clean up because it’s an absolute disaster.

That being said, there is a bit of organization within the chaos, and I’ll explain everything!

This is my main work area, with the bulk of my working papers to the left of my desk. The computer on the right, when on, is streaming CNBC online whenever I’m in the mood to be watching the news. The two monitors in the middle are where most of the magic of Bargaineering happens. The smaller one is a Dell laptop. The larger monitor is connected to the laptop and extends the screen so I have more room to work my craft. Somewhere underneath all those papers is yet a third Thinkpad that I use as my mobile workstation (for those keeping score, on that table, I have more computers than hands) And above all the computers are photos of my lovely wife. 🙂

By the way, if you work with computers all day, you should demand you get two monitors. There are studies that show having two monitors greatly improves your productivity and I couldn’t work as well without a second monitor.

This second shot is to the left of the one above and is mostly of my bookshelf, which is chock full of books. That stack of books on the ledge? Those are books that publishers sent me that I told them I’d look at. I will, eventually, get to reviewing them but I’m not a fast or a voracious reader so the backlog seems to keep growing. Five of those books are for the Jim O’Donnell The Shortest Investment Book ever giveaway so I want credit for them. 🙂

If you look behind them, there are about six bottles of scotch that we (really I) picked up after our trip to London last Thanksgiving. It’s all in the name of research for my scotch blog, Scotch Addict. (No, I’m not claiming them as tax deductions) Please note how sad the New York Mets hat is in the corner.

This is just a shot of the view out my window. I had to quit my corporate job to get a window office but it was totally worth it. 🙂