Pinecone & GoZing – Two Good Survey Networks

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One of the easiest ways to earn a little extra spending money is to answer short surveys. But have you seen the ridiculous ads where you pay $20-$50 to join a “network” and then get surveys where you make money?

They’re BS.

Over the years, I’ve found several survey groups that give you interesting surveys and actually pay you.

Pinecone Research is a great survey network constantly looking to grow. Pinecone will send you a $5 check in the mail every so often with the details of a survey. They also send you an email message telling you the deadline of the survey. They also send unpaid Household related questions to figure out what products you buy or use in order to send you applicable surveys. They pay you before you do the survey! If you ever have the chance, sign up quickly because the signup usually closes up quickly.

Opinion Outpost is the second of the two networks I am a member of and they’re a little more erratic, the surveys don’t come consistently and sometimes you won’t qualify for a survey they send to you. They pay after (4-6 weeks) you do the survey, so the pickings aren’t as good as Pinecone. Here is an Opinion Outpost review worth checking out. But it’s free to sign up, you don’t get spammed, and free money is free money.

Vindale Research is a very well known product research company that pays out $5 and $75 per survey you complete, which can include trying a new product or visiting a website. It’s 100% free (which is key, a lot of places will have you pay to apply or be a member) and they have a zero-tolerance SPAM policy. They are not some fly by night operation, having been in business since 2004 and a good reputation in the focus group and product evaluation industry.

If you have experiences with other networks (or with these two), please do share!

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12 Responses to “Pinecone & GoZing – Two Good Survey Networks”

  1. Martha says:

    I’ve been doing the PineCone Research surveys for about a year now – they are pretty slow to start sending a ‘new’ surveyor surveys but once you start to answer them pretty reliably then they will send you more. Currently I get about 3/month. I don’t always get all of them done by their deadlines so i just toss the check. Sign up though… its well worth a few bucks for your thoughts 🙂

  2. Jonathan says:

    I do PineCone as well, overall a good experience and an easy $10 a month. But for some reason, they simply stopped sending me e-mails about the upcoming surveys. I still get the letter and checks, but often I get the letter the same day that the survey is due! I’ve e-mailed them repeatedly with no answer. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll call them now and see what happens.

    I guess I also missed the invitation for new sign-ups. This really is a rare opportunity people!! But do tell the truth as they can tell inconsistencies in demographic data over time (age, location, etc) and threatened to cancel my account. I used a birthdate a few days off from my actual birthdate for privacy reasons, and then put in the wrong birthdate at a later time. I fixed it and all is well.


  3. Brian Samson says:

    Thanks for the links, Jim. I just signed up for PineCone, and will send a little your way by signing up for the second as well.


  4. Tim says:

    In the past month I have done one survey. Haven’t gotten anymore surveys so maybe I am due for one some.

  5. Cap says:

    ooh thanks for the notice. I’ll sign up for both (well, whenever pinecone becomes available)

    here’s another good one that you might be interested in, i found out about them from, Survey Savvy from Luth Research. The survey invitation is as you described like Gozing, which sometimes u get a survey invite, and sometimes u dont qualify for them.

    but so far I got $41 bux out of about an hour or so of filling out questions. not so bad. 2 surveys, 1 paid $20, another paid $15, and $6 is from referral. i.e.: if someone joins using that link above, I believe I get $1 for each survey they complete.

    whenever ur account hits $20 you can withdrawl for a check. since i also live in CA, their check comes in a few days. I’ve been a member since 7/2004, and I’ve only got like about 10 survey invites.

    still, the dough’s nice 🙂

    – Cap @

  6. jim says:

    I signed up Survey Savvy back in the day but all the ones I’ve been sent required around an hour of my time, which is too much. I’ll do 4 fifteen minute $5 pinecone or gozing surveys, but the hour is just too much. Maybe they overestimate the time you need?

  7. Cap says:

    yeah they definitely do. what was the amount they offer though for an hour of your time? they offer me $20, which I figure isnt too bad. took me about 20 something minutes to complete the survey. the same with the $15 offer for 45 minutes of my time. took me less than 15 minutes. it was just a survey about my telecome use, if I use cable or broadband for my business or not. you should check it out. I think it depends on your reading speed too though, but I’m still going to say they overestimate it 2x.

  8. idle says:

    im looking for the pinecone banner. if anyone finds it can you let me know. you can find me on my site

  9. Manny says:

    You should also try, they have one of the greatest surveys, they send me like 15 per month with like 4-5 that acutally pay some money usually btw $3-10 per survey.

  10. Shaj says:

    Pinecone Research is an absolutely superb survey site.
    But the signup link has always been quite difficult to get.
    The website has always tried to put up the latest available signup link to pinecone under the name “Pinecone signup link 1”
    Check out the site to get your link to join. The site also features many good survey sites which you may check out.

  11. patrick says:

    could someone please give me a referral to the us pinecone site? id appreciate it sooooooo much my email is thank you so much in advance

  12. Leo says:

    Does anyone have the link for pinecone or could possibly send me an invite. Thank you

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