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Your Take: Your Place on the Global Pay Scale

If you do enough traveling outside of the United States and the “developed” world, you’re probably keenly aware of how good we have it here. While it’s not always sunshine and lollipops in the US, chances are you’d be better off here than anywhere else in the world. The slums from Slumdog Millionaire [3] are a very real thing and not just an eye opening visual for a movie.

It comes as no surprise than the average US citizen’s monthly wage puts him or her near the top of the worldwide global pay scale. This was most recently on showcase when the BBC [4] took a peek back in March. The world average monthly wage is $1480, which would put you above the poverty line in the United States depending on the number of persons in your family. The poverty line in the US [5] is just $10,890 for one person and $14,710 for two persons. $17,760 would be less than the poverty line for a three person family. The average in the United States is $3263, which is fourth behind Luxembourg ($4089), Norway ($3678), and Austria ($3437). India is down near the bottom at $295 a month.

And for all the talk about China taking over the world, average wages there are a mere $656 a month. China needs to take care of themselves before they’d consider taking over the world. 🙂

What’s your take on this?