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Play Board Games, Save Money

With video games, cable television, and the internet, the value of a good board game has gone down considerably. With the decreasing demand comes decreasing costs to buying games and you can get a new copy of Monopoly for $11 [3] when it would cost you perhaps double that ten years ago. But think about it like this, instead of two people going to the movies you instead opted to purchase a board game and play that instead? Monopoly might be overkill but Scrabble is only $11 [4] and has incredible replay value. Plus, it’s an educational experience.

When movies are $9 a piece ($7 if you’re a student or its a matinee in some places), the price for two to see the latest releases push twenty bucks. For about half of that you can buy yourself a classic that you can play over and over again. And if you look hard enough, you can probably buy a used copy of a board game somewhere for even less than $11.

What was your favorite classic?