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Pocket Sized Budgeting Notebooks by Cash Management Connection

Cash Management Connection [3] is a small business located in Chapel Hill, NC, that produces a series of workbooks designed to teach consumers some basic financial concepts. President Maureen Rosen, cognizant of the recent blowup regarding paying bloggers to shill for products, contacted me about taking a look at some of their workbooks and I told her just to send me a few of their products and I’d consider reviewing them. Well, she kindly sent me a nicely wrapped package, complete with green bow and Cashwork Books pencil (unfortunately I don’t have a pencil sharpener so I can’t even use this pencil!) so I’m going to share my thoughts on these books.

The thirty second synopsis of what you can read, after the jump, is that Cash Management Connection produces nicely bound pocket-sized booklets to help you track your spending. While useful, there are a lot of alternatives to buying a little booklet and, honestly, the people who really do need to budget, aren’t going to be getting something to record their spending. If you know someone who should be budgeting, this could be a nice gift or something but I doubt the recipient will use it – budgeting is a state of mind thing.

Cash Management Connection sent me a copy of MYCA$H, MYCA$H College, Cash Management Combo for Couples (HISCA$H and HERCA$H), MYCA$H LP (Large Print), and their KIDSCA$H product. All of the products are pocket-sized products, with the exception of the Kids and Large Print versions, that are designed for you to carry with you at all times.

The idea behind these products, and the reason why they’re pocket sized, is that they are trying to teach you to be aware of your spending. By carrying these pocket sized notebooks, you’ll be able to keep track, down to the penny, how much you are spending and on what. They are trying to teach this level of diligence so that you’ll learn that you’re in total control of your money, of your budget, and of your life. I can’t stress enough that it is important for every consumer to be aware of how much they’re spending each month and on what, whether it’s through an excel spreadsheet (what I used to do) or with a book that you buy.

I don’t know if Maureen will like what she hears next but it’s my opinion that anyone who will use these books likely already has a good handle on their budget and, unfortunately, the people who will benefit the most from these books will probably not be looking for it. I think the Cash Management Company is just trying to do a noble thing in educating folks about budgeting, and selling these little booklets, but I’m not sure how many people will buy them.