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Your Take: What’s Your FICO Credit Score?

This week’s Your Take will be a little different, it’s going to be a poll (though you are still welcome to leave comments!).

A few weeks ago I talked about the FICO score credit range [3]. In that post, I referenced a statistic published by FICO that said 58% of all FICO credit scores were above 750. Here’s the chart of score distribution:

I’ve always believed that readers of personal finance blogs are, by definition, savvier about personal finance than the average bloke on the street. Since a personal finance reader is more interested in personal finance, it stands to reason that they would have a better handle on their finances. So, the question I pose to you today will in fact be the first poll in Bargaineering.com history:

If you don’t know your FICO credit score, you can use myFICO ScoreWatch [4] (myFICO ScoreWatch review) or one of these free FICO credit score [5] trials to find out what it is. If you don’t want to deal with the trials, you can always try one of these FICO credit score estimators [6] too (My vote goes to Credit Karma [4] because it’s free).

Whatever you use, I’m curious to see how our distribution looks compared to the “national average.”